Flower Class: One more Plate + Candle Variation



It’s still winter and the yard is cold and bare. Yet a couple of bushes are making valiant efforts to produce flowers, so it’s the least I can do to find ways to put them to good use. One is a camellia bush (see photo) that I can see from my bedroom window. It was planted in full sun a few years ago, and it struggles to survive when summer’s intense heat comes. One recent chilly morning I thought I saw a couple of little poufs of pink I hadn’t noticed the day before, so I went out to inspect.

 And there, almost hidden under the leaves of the bush, heavy heads drooping toward the ground, I discovered a few absolutely breathtaking soft, silky pink camellias. Oh, joy! I went back for my clippers and was able to gather a surprising batch of those gorgeous little darlings – and this is what happened next:

 IMG_0676 IMG_1057


IMG_1083  IMG_1077

Isn’t it amazing? Just a few little blossoms, simply arranged and enhanced by the glow of candlelight = something spectacular.

     IMG_1079 IMG_1082 - Version 2

Notice the last photo (bottom right). The hot pink flowers you see are heads of a “silk” azalea bush [Hobby Lobby], illustrating again the idea that you don’t have to have fresh flowers to create a gorgeous little work of art like this. The trick is to always add fresh green leaves if you can find them (I used camellia leaves here). Add the elements of water and fire – and there’s that beautiful magic again!

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