Flower Class: Let’s NOT Eat All Our Veggies!




In this continuation of my class on arranging  flowers from the grocery store, I’ll show you some surprising ways to use vegetables in your flower arrangements, including super simple directions for creating a vase from asparagus!

The day I went shopping for fresh flowers to use in my last class, there wasn’t a huge selection to choose from and I kept thinking: “What else can I find to add to these flowers?”


IMG_1825 DSC_0216That’s when my eyes wandered over to the produce aisle with its beautiful displays of colorful, richly textured vegetables, and my imagination went into high gear. 



DSC_0078DSC_0062I picked out three different vegetables — some gorgeous purple-tinged kale, some baby broccoli and a big bunch of asparagus spears.  



 In all my years of floral design, I have never used vegetables in flower arrangements. Fruits, yes, from time to time, but never veggies – so this was new territory for me, and I was excited to see what I could do with them.


To show you how flexible these floral materials can be, I re-used some of the cut flowers from the big bouquet I created in the last post and arranged them in a wide-mouth Mason canning jar. I framed the brightly-colored flowers with a few of the big purple kale leaves, and the broccoli pieces added another element of texture to the bouquet.

DSC_0126 IMG_1845

By the way, those jars look even more interesting when you attach the metal ring they come with, because it adds another detail to the design. I also tied a string bow around the jar neck – one more easy finishing touch — because remember, good design is in the details!

Remember the multiplication principle I talked about recently? Since I had plenty of floral materials to use, I kept going and duplicated the Mason jar bouquet twice more – and here is the effect. More than triple impact – and these vibrant arrangements look completely different from the big arrangement in the white pitcher.



DSCN3016I found this charming burlap-covered clear glass vase from HobbyLobby ($6.99) and selected it to make a bigger arrangement because it reminds me of country kitchens and feed stores, and I knew it would work perfectly with the fresh flowers and veggies I was using.


DSC_0517Note: You can easily create your own burlap-covered glass vase. Use a straight-sided vase (they’re available everywhere; I just saw some at the dollar store), wrap it in burlap and secure the edge with double-sided tape or glue. Finish it off with any kind of ribbon or string you want and you have a totally unique vase made-by-you! 

Again, I combined the flowers, the kale and broccoli stems and just look how beautifully the arrangement turned out!

DSC_0520 DSC_0504 DSC_0508



I have seen this idea before, and always thought it would be fun to try.  It was SO easy to create – and here are the steps:

IMG_1839 IMG_1840

Select a straight-sided container and place sturdy rubber bands near the top and bottom.

Place asparagus spears inside the rubber bands till you cover the whole vase.

 IMG_1842 IMG_1844

Cover the rubber bands with twine (or ANY ribbon or wrapping material), then pull out the bands, cut them and remove them.

 IMG_1868 IMG_1871

This could not be easier! And look at the absolutely darling vase you’ve created for just the price of a couple of bunches of veggies!

Wouldn’t this idea be perfect for a spring brunch,                               an Easter dinner, a “garden party” or a picnic?

DSC_0540 DSC_0541 DSC_0544

Here I’m lifting the finished bouquet out of the burlap vase and placing it into the asparagus vase. This arrangement looks great in either vase, and once again you can see how the container you choose for your flower arrangement makes a big difference in its presentation.


The addition of a brightly colored tablecloth (in this case I used a curtain panel from Pier 1!) picks up all the colors in the flowers and vegetables.


Here is one more way to play with your food! I wanted to try using some extra asparagus spears to give another element of height to my arrangement. I pierced each one with a bamboo skewer and look what a whimsical touch they make in this fresh, bright bouquet. Such an easy way to add that “wow”!



Final tips:

The kale stayed fresh and crunchy in the bouquets for a week. It liked being in water.
I kept the asparagus vase in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag when not in use and it lasted a week, as well.
The broccoli didn’t last quite as long, but it did make a very fun addition to the bouquet anyway. And that’s what we’re looking for: fun!


It looks like Mr. Rabbit just stopped by to nibble on some veggies.




One thought on “Flower Class: Let’s NOT Eat All Our Veggies!

  1. Sometimes I would like to be a fly on the inside of your skull so I could watch all these ideas come together. I bet it would be something to behold!


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