Flower Class Arrangement of the Month: March 2015

 Last month I introduced an ongoing feature: Arrangement of the Month, where I will be taking one container (in this case, I’m using two different ones – a large round terra cotta pot I bought at OSH for $6.99 and a rectangular embossed metal tin a friend was giving away) and showing you how versatile it can be. Remember, you can use absolutely ANY container you choose, in any size or material!

 IMG_1596   IMG_1597






I hope you’ll review last month’s post for photos of the first arrangements and all the directions.


This month, I have taken the same two very different containers and planted each one with three potted pink cyclamen plants I bought at the nursery (cost $3.95 each). Cyclamen bloom continuously for several weeks, are very sturdy plants, and they have a beautiful elegance I love. They come in white as well as several shades of pink, apricot and red.

 IMG_1751Here is the first version. All it took was those three potted plants, and after I made sure to waterproof the container, I removed the flowers from their plastic pots and snuggled them together in the round terra cotta bowl. I only had to add a touch of moss around the edges to finish off the look, because the cyclamen leaves are so big and showy that very little soil is seen. 


What a gorgeous statement this arrangement makes! Place it in a prominent spot in your home and enjoy it for many days. Once the flowers have stopped producing blooms, the plants can go into a shady spot in your garden or into pots on the porch, where the flowers will come around again same time next year.


At the right, you see the very same three flowering cyclamen plants, arranged this time in the rectangular metal container on the same lace tablecloth.


IMG_1649Here, I have placed a beautiful white wooden rabbit (HobbyLobby) next to the planter to make it into an instant Easter display. I tied a grey grosgrain bow around the bunny’s neck to coordinate it to the metal planter box.


Finally, to bring another touch of elegance and surprise to the composition, I added two pink glass Champagne goblets holding floating candles.


I hope you’ll be inspired to find your own container soon and see how many different ways you can use it to display your floral art creations.






One thought on “Flower Class Arrangement of the Month: March 2015

  1. Well Done and I love the fact that these blogs just keep coming with great ideas. I have an office that the owner bought 2 orchids. Right now they do not look that creative, yet very beautiful in their own right. Any suggestions?


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