Flower Class: It’s Time to Celebrate Spring!

DSC_0663 - Version 2

Easter Bunny Centerpieces

Easter is almost here and I’ve been working on some fun ideas to share with you. I love celebrating not only the solemn occasion of the holiday, but also the lighter side, so in the next few posts I will be showing you some easy, colorful centerpieces and decorations that celebrate the delights of Spring and Eastertime and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Because I possess a deeply ingrained sense of whimsy and a love of storytelling (often expressed through my floral creations), many times I will use seasonal accessories in my arrangements to give them some extra charm.

Pictured here are some of the Spring icons I’ve collected, including bird nests,  eggs, watering cans, seed packets, a wheelbarrow, clay pots, mosses and a variety of cute rabbits in materials from wood to grass to ceramic.IMG_1589 IMG_1594

The rabbit is definitely one of the most powerful icons of the season, and I happen to love that adorable Easter Bunny. While he is definitely not associated with the religious holiday of Easter, he does evoke within almost all of us a sense of childlike festivity and tradition, all revolving around the birth of Spring and the joyful sense of renewal this time brings to us.

In the next few classes, I plan to show you some simple, easy-to-duplicate ideas for beautiful decorations that will enhance your traditional festivities – affirming the message that there is much to celebrate for all of us at this special time of year!


A few words about IMAGINATION, IDEAS & SCALE:

Before we get to the fun, I want to emphasize something I tell every student in my demonstration classes: There are three things I want you to keep in mind as you look at the ideas I present.


            My greatest intention as I present these classes is that you will be inspired to look at flowers and props in new ways! That you will awaken your imagination as you look more closely at the world around you and start making more connections about ways to create with flowers, because that’s how the artist hiding inside you will come out to play!


            When I present a specific floral design idea to you in words and pictures, it is just an ILLUSTRATION of a CONCEPT! It’s meant to be a springboard for your imagination, so you can have the confidence to go and create something all your own.

            For example, if you see a table setting here and you’re thinking: “Oh, I don’t like pink,” or “That’s not my style,” or “I couldn’t find a bunny” or whatever – I want you to start thinking instead:

            “I could change the color scheme to blue & yellow…” or “I have a big vase I could use in that same way…” or “I have a cute little cement bird that would look good there.”

            Don’t think you have to re-create exactly what I’m showing you – because although it’s perfectly wonderful if you do, it’s also even more wonderful if my suggestions inspire you to create something of your very own.


            Right along with looking at these ideas and translating them to your own STYLE comes the final thing I want you to consider as you see the designs I present. That is the concept of SCALE – or the SIZE of whatever design I am showing you.

            Keep in mind that you can create any design and adjust it to ANY SIZE that suits your needs and the space you want it to fill. All you need to do is find larger or smaller containers to use in your composition, as well as larger or smaller flowers that are suited to that particular scale.

           Let me show you an example of what I’m talking about: Here’s a whimsical Easter basket in a larger and smaller version, using almost exactly the same materials.


Here is one basic design idea, scaled in two different sizes:

First, the containers: These wire containers come from Walmart and they’re around $5-$6 each. They’re very versatile; I’ve used them often, and my favorite thing about them is that you can see all the colorful materials in the design right through the chicken wire.


Here are the elements I’ve chosen to fill the baskets. I found the flowers, eggs and excelsior at craft stores and the delightful carrots at import stores.


Next come the bunnies. I found two sizes of fluffy stuffed rabbits, and each one fits its basket to scale. (Keep in mind that ANY type of rabbit you like can be substituted, and whatever type you use will change the feeling of the design. Or you don’t have to use a bunny at all.)


Lots of multi-colored excelsior goes in the wire baskets as                                                a base, with each bunny placed right on top.



Next, pile as many colorful Easter eggs as you like around the bunny. Easter eggs can be found at many craft and home stores – or you could fill the baskets with your own dyed eggs for Easter dinner.

 IMG_2658 IMG_2656






Brightly colored orange carrots go in the baskets next. I used the small-scaled carrots for the smaller round basket, and a combination of bigger and smaller ones in the large oval basket.


For more color and a different texture, I wanted to add a touch of flowers to each of the baskets, so I chose “silk” floral bushes, cut a few stems off of each one and just poked them in among the eggs. Note that the pink azaleas are much bigger than the more delicate mini daffodils, and each size works well with the basket it is placed in.

 IMG_2664 IMG_2665

 IMG_2681 IMG_2666

Of course, the bunnies were looking a little underdressed to me, so as a final touch I added a ribbon bow around each of their necks. Any ribbon you choose is a wonderful opportunity to add another element of color and pattern to your design. 

IMG_2684 IMG_2679

Either of these whimsical Easter baskets would look charming as an informal table centerpiece – or as a surprise Easter gift for someone young or old! I hope you can see that almost any arrangement or composition can be easily adjusted to be larger or smaller by the elements you use to create it.

Coming up: More easy ideas for dressing up your home for the Spring holidays. I hope you’ll join me again soon. 









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