Flower Class: Easter Centerpieces Inspired by a Pink Plate



A few weeks ago, as I was browsing with a friend through Pottery Barn in Carmel, I came across some wonderful inspiration for Easter decorating. Here I want to show you how one little plate inspired me to create several versions of very easy seasonal displays. They take very little time or expense to create, and they make a beautiful statement that you can enjoy for weeks.

These adorable spring bunny plates captured my attention immediately. There is something of an unusual medieval aspect to their design, and I loved that. It was very hard to choose among all the colors, but pink always stops me in my tracks, so pink it was! I bought one plate to bring home, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it.


First Inspiration:

Over the next couple of weeks, I assembled a grouping of objects and flowers that seemed to naturally gravitate toward each other. I propped up the plate on a metal easel, then added a glass candlestick from World Market, a  pink candle – and a beautifully shaded gerbera daisy plant in the perfect colors.



I placed the daisies (right in their plastic pot) into a white ceramic bowl I’ve had for years, tucked in some bright green reindeer moss and I was ready to go.

It was so satisfying to see how all the objects fit so beautifully together – just as if I had planned it. I took a little plaster bunny from my collection to add the finishing touch, and you can see how well it all works into a pleasing and colorful composition. Each object ties to the rest through color, texture and/or materials, and they all have the effect of setting each other off in a way that would not happen if they were displayed separately. This is synergy at its best!


Taking the Inspiration to Another Level:

I was so pleased with the composition I had created that I decided to see if I could expand the same look into a table centerpiece – and you’ll see how it turned out!

I bought another pink bunny plate and started looking around for more objects that would enhance the feeling of my design, just like I would do with any other art project.

I began my table setting with a wonderful product that is so much fun to use. It’s a long moss runner that gives the appearance of grass. It’s called “SuperMoss Instant Green Reusable All Purpose Moss Mat” and I found it at Green Acres Nursery (@ $15.00), although I have seen a similar product in the floral supplies section of places like Joann Fabrics and Walmart.

IMG_2607The green mossy mat went onto the table, and then I placed the white pot of pink daisies in the center. I added candlesticks and the same pink candles, then set two place settings with the pink bunny plates.

To give the plates more importance, I set them on dark woven chargers (Walmart @ $5). I placed napkins inside some very cute burlap bunny ears napkin rings from World Market, and as an extra touch, I added tiny moss baskets (also from World Market) filled with pastel jelly beans.

          IMG_2614 IMG_2613

Taking the idea to another level, I decided it would be fun to create a feeling of an Easter egg hunt on the table – and this was so easy to accomplish! I just tucked some Easter basket excelsior in around the objects, added some little white ceramic bunnies, and hid some matching Easter eggs (artificial) in a couple of sizes in the display, along with a scattering of the same pastel jelly beans I put in the moss baskets.


What a charming and unique way to set your table for a festive celebration!

And One More Variation:

You may have noticed by now that once I get inspired by a creative idea, variations on that theme keep popping into my mind – so I have to share just one more adaptation of this design.

I had brought home one more gerbera daisy pot (@ $3.95) and this one was in a lively hot pink. I found a container that was perfect for it – an off-white embossed vase from HobbyLobby, and I switched this new potted flower for the pastel daisies I used in the previous version.

 IMG_2579 IMG_2581 IMG_2605_2

IMG_2621I substituted moss green candles for the pastel pink candles and added a few more bright touches to bring the whole look to life.



I tied lengths of this hot pink wired ribbon (from the craft store) around each candlestick and instantly the more intensely-colored flowers looked like they belonged.



IMG_2625Although I had added a few bright pink Easter eggs as well, I felt there was still something more I could add to bring the whole design together. I found the perfect thing in some little Easter candies from Walmart. They were much brighter than most Easter candies, and included some of that perfect hot pink I wanted.




Finally, the whole centerpiece felt complete and here you see it in its finished form – a wonderful statement of fun and celebration you can easily create for your own holiday table.


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