Flower Class Centerpiece: Easter Egg Hunt in a Basket


IMG_2177This bright, bold centerpiece is one of my very favorite designs, because it combines my favorite flowers (the fabulous ranunculus) and my favorite colors, the exuberant pinks, greens and oranges that I love best. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I’m excited to show you what an easy project it is to create!

As you view this tutorial, keep in mind the three things I emphasized in a recent class:

  1. Activate your IMAGINATION! Visualize this project in many variations.

  2. You are free to TRANSLATE this idea to your own tastes, using any materials  and colors you choose.

  3. You can also adapt this design to ANY SIZE (scale) that works for you.

My inspiration began with a big white basket I found at IKEA a few weeks ago (@ $6.99). Since it’s designed with an open detail around the top, I could just see it with a brightly colored ribbon threaded through it. And I found a ribbon in bold spring stripes that worked perfectly!


Next, I lined the basket securely with heavy clear plastic yardage (Walmart @ $.99/yd).


Then I filled it halfway full of potting soil, so that my bedding plants would come up to the edge of the basket. 

DSC_0870At the nursery, I bought about 12 ranunculus plants in 4” pots in assorted vibrant colors. They were in spectacular full bloom and were on special at $2.50 each. I absolutely love the beautiful ranunculus flower with its circles of ruffled petals. In fact, of all the flowers I love, it is my favorite. I was excited to see how the plants would look in this basket, but I had no idea how amazingly they would turn out! That is one of the wonderful surprises of the creative process – you never know how your art project is going to look until it’s finished.

DSC_0857 DSC_0859I carefully removed each plant from its plastic container and started placing them one by one in the lined basket. Remember to crowd them together for a lushly growing effect;  they like being nestled close together anyway!

Next, I added several flat felt carrots attached to wooden skewers. I had picked them up at World Market (@ $1.99) because they looked so cute, even though, as usual I had no idea where I would use them. And yet, they turned out to be a perfect addition to this colorful display!


My original inspiration had been to create a fanciful centerpiece reminiscent of an Easter egg hunt, thinking it would be playful and fun. So now my final step was to hide some Easter eggs in the little garden I had created.

IMG_3054 DSC_0744

You can simply tuck the colored eggs loosely among the stems and foliage in your basket, but to keep them more secure, I always poke lengths of bamboo skewers in their ends and push them into the soil. You can do this with most kinds of artificial Easter eggs, including the two-part plastic ones that are intended for filling with candies, because they come with little holes in them. 


And here is the final result: a big colorful basket filled with flowers, patterned eggs and a few carrot treats for the Easter Bunny. To me it evokes the exuberant feelings of Springtime and brings back childhood memories of holiday mornings spent hunting for Easter eggs. What fun!

DSC_0902 - Version 3


2 thoughts on “Flower Class Centerpiece: Easter Egg Hunt in a Basket

  1. It makes me so happy Sydne, each time I see your dreams come true in all this wonderful knowledge you share!

    Love you, Claire



    1. Yes!! That is EXACTLY what is happening! My dreams and my flower visions are spilling out through this wonderful medium faster than I can keep up with them! It is a glorious experience. xoxo


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