Flower Class: Easter Tablescape Inspired by Burlap and Cabbage

DSC_0663 - Version 2

Inspiration is all around us

If you ever want to find inspiration for your next floral creation, I suggest you take a trip to places like Pottery Barn and Crate&Barrel. These beautiful stores are always full of stunning displays that will start your imagination running.

Today’s tablescape design was inspired by a beautiful table runner I saw on one such field trip to Pottery Barn. It was a stunning linen runner imprinted with silhouettes of white rabbits. The cost was way out of my range, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, wondering if there was a way I could get the same “look” for a lot less cost. A week later, I found my solution! I happened upon a bolt of yardage at Joann Fabrics – a piece of natural-colored burlap with bunnies all over it, and knew that was it. Oh, happy day!


To make my runner, I carefully cut the yardage in half lengthwise (no need to finish the edges) and spread it on my table. Next step: What could I find that would blend with and enhance this wonderful inspiration piece?


DSC_0720I began to gather elements that I thought might work, starting with a fabulous fresh cabbage plant I had bought back in January, which was still thriving many weeks later. I “planted” it in the dark brown butter crock I’d purchased at the thrift store, also in January (see my “Potted Plants” class).

A color scheme of browns, greens and whites just naturally unfolded from the runner and the cabbage, and here are some of the other elements I gathered together to create a tablescape that was both casually elegant and very different from the more traditional palette of spring pastels:



In back is a round vine-and-moss mat I also bought at Pottery Barn. This fascinating piece was on display as a plate charger, and I bought just one, thinking I would find a way to use it somewhere. It turned out to be the perfect “tray” to use to center my table design. 


Also pictured: several white ceramic bunnies (Tuesday Morning or Pier 1), my pottery candlesticks (World Market), candles, and an assortment of fresh miniature cabbages and white flowering plants, all placed in dark terra cotta pots I had found at Walmart.


Now it was time to assemble the various parts into what I hoped would be a beautiful end result.


DSC_0622 - Version 2


Note: You can easily make your design fit the size or shape of         your table (or even a mantel or hall table) by the number of   pieces you decide to add and the shape you arrange them in.

It was exciting to see how all these elements were combining beautifully and becoming a floral design that was much more than the sum of its parts. Once I had placed all the main pieces, it was time for another very important step, one we’ve talked about before.

This is the step of finding something you can add to your tablescape that will serve to tie all the separate pieces together into one appealing whole.


If you look back to other classes, you’ll see that I’ve used candies (Valentine’s Day) and excelsior (Easter) to achieve this effect. Now in this arrangement, because I was using mostly natural elements and colors, I decided to use pieces of fresh ivy that I cut from a pot on my front porch, as well as some green moss (found in floral supply sections of craft stores).

This is a simple step of HUGE IMPORTANCE in creating a beautifully designed finished piece of floral art. This is – again – where the attention to detail makes all the difference!

If you skip this step, you will often wind up with a group of separate pieces sitting on a table, looking a little stiff and disconnected. But adding this step (using your imagination to dream up what to use) instantly turns your floral design from “Pretty” to “Amazing!” And I know you want to go for “amazing!”



I hope you can see what a difference it made to add the ivy and moss to the elements of the tablescape. (By the way, the ivy will last for a couple of days before it needs to be replaced.)

Now on to place settings – such a huge part of the fun for me! Always on the lookout for that something out-of-the-ordinary, I had seen and ordered a set of 6 cabbage-leaf placemats from a Grandin Road catalog – very unique and perfect for this project.


IMG_3153 IMG_3155I tucked some white napkins (Walmart @ $1.00) inside the burlap bunny-ears napkins rings you’ve seen me use before, and to go a step farther, I added a sprig of real ivy to each one. Look at the huge difference that one little step makes!

IMG_3160The dishes I chose were adorable  white egg-shaped bunny plates (Pier 1 @ $7.95), placed on top of clear glass 10” plates (Walmart @ $1.50).

I added the place settings and my tablescape was complete. I lit the candles – and look how festive, fresh and beautiful it is!

DSC_0679 - Version 2

Final note: You could easily use a plain burlap runner and take      away the bunnies, even use different colors, and this tablescape could be used for many different occasions!











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