Flower Class: Easy, Fast and Fabulous Flower Gift for Mom

Looking for a pretty Mother’s Day gift for your mother (or someone you love like a mom)?

There’s nothing more special to Mom than receiving a beautiful present you’ve made yourself – and you won’t find a simpler, faster or more perfect gift than this one! Even a child could easily handle this project.

IMG_3871 - Version 2

All it takes is a quick trip to your local plant store for flowers plus just a few ordinary supplies — and you can easily assemble a unique and lovely gift for moms, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, a friend in a nursing home – or anyone else you want to say “I love and appreciate you” to on Mother’s Day this year.

What you will need:

  • IMG_3835A basket or any other container you want to use. Thrift stores carry lots of baskets and some interesting pots and vases, too. As you will see below, I even used a leftover hot pink Easter basket as one of my planters – and it looks great!




  • A few beautiful flowering plants – enough to fill the container you’ve chosen. I found these soft pink calibrachoa – also known as “million bells,” and pots of lush white verbena at my neighborhood Walmart.

  IMG_3831 - Version 2IMG_3826 - Version 2

  • IMG_3833_2Spray paint (from a hardware or crafting store), if you want to change the container’s color. I love using metallic spray paints – and you can see that spraying this thrift store willow basket silver transformed it into something dressy and elegant. That’s the power of spray paint!
  • Clear plastic sheeting (I buy mine at Walmart for $.99/yd) or plastic bags to waterproof your container if it needs it.

 IMG_3838_2 IMG_3847

  • A yard or so of wired ribbon for each bow you want to add (ribbon keeps its shape so much better if it has wire in it). I found most of mine at Michaels, but stores like JoAnn’s and Walmart carry a big assortment of ribbons, too. (The ribbon container is a “bread basket” from Walmart.)


Remember, your possibilities are endless!

You can choose –

             ANY CONTAINER 


         + ANY RIBBONS

to create an adorable blooming planter that’s your own one-of-a-kind creation guaranteed to get rave reviews from the mom who receives it.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Pick out a container – and transform it with spray paint if you like.
  1. Always be sure to make your container water-tight!
  1. Pick out the prettiest blooming plants you can find.IMG_3832
  1. Cut enough soil off your little plants’ surrounding dirt balls to shape them so they can fit snugly in your basket or pot.

5. Nestle your beautiful flowers into their container.


Here’s the silver-painted basket with 2 pink calibrachoa inside:

  IMG_3841_2IMG_3842IMG_3844 IMG_3846

And another version, 3 white verbena in a hot pink basket:


Just like Mom always says: Please don’t skip the grooming!

  Million-bells in need of some TLC

I can’t over-emphasize how important it is for you to pay attention to the condition of your flowering plants when you present them to that special someone. It always amazes me how even one tiny shriveled-up blossom or dead leaf will completely distract the eye and ruin the beautiful effect you are hoping to achieve.

And so, even though I know it’s a nuisance, you will need to take the TIME to inspect each plant carefully, and pluck or cut off every single little dead flower or browning leaf, because you want to present your gift in perfect condition.


I bought these plants about a week before I had time to plant them in the baskets, and since they are living, growing things, when the time came to use them I found quite a few shriveled blossoms and many little leaves that were way past their prime.

It took me some time to go over each plant and snip off all the “bad” foliage and petals – but I can’t tell you what a HUGE difference it makes! You will see what I mean.


That final perfect touch:

Remember to consider adding those FINAL TOUCHES that elevate your creation to something extra-special. I have talked often in this blog about the importance of adding special details to your floral designs to transform them into something beyond the ordinary. Design is in the details – always remember that!

 IMG_3861_2 IMG_3866_2


That’s all there is to it! You’ve just created a lovely gift  Mom will remember for a very long time.            


 And into the garden…

There’s an added benefit of this gift that’s sure to please Mom even more:

In a week or two, those beautiful flowering plants you’ve so lovingly arranged can go right outdoors and be planted on the porch or in the garden, to be enjoyed all season long.

 Preview of my next class:

So excited to show you the beautiful centerpiece I’ve created… 



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