Flower Class: Fast, Foolproof and Fabulous Mother’s Day Centerpiece

Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise Mom with a spectacular flower show right 
in the middle of her table?

Find out how easy it is to create this!

DSC_0273 - Version 2

    Mother’s Day and flowers – it doesn’t seem possible to have one without the other. So here’s a centerpiece idea you can easily create to celebrate Mom’s special day with a table full of glorious flowers.

    The basic idea is so fool-proof that husbands, dads, even children or grandchildren will have a wonderful time following these instructions to create a truly fabulous centerpiece that just might take her breath away.

    My inspiration for this beautiful arrangement came with the extravagant, April-blooming debut of all the roses in my neighborhood. The blooms were show-stoppers — even the ones on my four little neglected rose bushes. I don’t remember them ever being so big and lush before, and they seemed completely oblivious to the ongoing drought we’ve been worrying over. In fact, we’ve been surprised by their lavish performance – almost as if they’re saying to us, “Don’t worry, have hope! We do!”



As beautiful as they were, blooming out in the gardens and up against fences, I had to find a way to bring them closer, to invite them inside so their astonishing beauty could be enjoyed more fully while they bloomed – a feast for our eyes and for our often-fearful hearts.


 This is what I came up with – a breathtaking centerpiece using just a few magnificent flowers along with a few other simple components. Here’s all I did – and I hope you will agree that it turned out to be amazing!


Easy instructions: You need just 3 things —

  1. A few roses, leaves & petals —IMG_3560DSC_0244 - Version 2
  2. Assorted containers to hold them —IMG_3808
  3. Candles for lots of extra sparkle —IMG_3958


    There’s no “composing” to this centerpiece! Just place little containers on your table in any configuration you want –  fill them with water and flowers, add a few more simple touches – and you will have created a truly breathtaking centerpiece to celebrate this happy day (or any special occasion, for that matter).

 Below are some of the ordinary glass pieces I used: First, goblets from the thrift store become something extra-special when used as vessels for floating simple rose blossoms. 

Then you see several glass candleholders (IKEA) — and look what beautiful pedestal “vases” they make for more of those amazing roses.

IMG_3803  IMG_3818IMG_3807IMG_3813

Here you see the centerpiece beginning to come together:

DSC_0194 DSC_0203

When I got to this point, I could see that the composition needed some depth and contrast to show off the flowers, so I cut some vibrant green leaves from the rose bushes and tucked them in among the vases of flowers. It was an instant transformation!

DSC_0231 - Version 2DSC_0239

If you’ve been following my classes, you know I love the “petal effect!” Petals scattered around a centerpiece instantly tie all the separate elements of your tablescape together in a soft and magical way — as you see in the photo at right below. So I twisted the petals off of a few extra roses and scattered them loosely on top of the leaves — another perfect touch!

DSC_0242 IMG_3956

 Flowers carry their own special kind of magic ~ and there is magic in candlelight, too ~ so when you combine them, the magic is multiplied exponentially and you get a stunning and unforgettable effect.


Now you have all the basics you need to create a gorgeous composition like this one:


Look how luscious, how amazing and lavish these gorgeous creations are! Roses are truly among the royalty of all the flowers of the earth… and here they are center-stage, where they can be enjoyed and appreciated as you celebrate this beautiful occasion with your favorite mom.

3 thoughts on “Flower Class: Fast, Foolproof and Fabulous Mother’s Day Centerpiece

  1. Beautiful and lush! Thank you for sharing my SIL – Ok I am about to have a breakdown if we don’t get together. Our lives are krazy busy, but we must!

    Love and kisses,

    Kris Wyatt kriswyatt49@gmail.com

    Lincoln Community Foundation


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