Flower Class Feature: Arrangement of the Month #3 – Big, bold daisies!

IMG_1644 - Version 2

Showing you how to use one basic container to show off many different flower arrangements throughout the year!

IMG_1521It’s time to show you another variation of my “Arrangement of the Month” feature.

Be sure to consult these previous classes [click on links]: Arrangement of the month #1 and Arrangement of the month #2 ~ for important pointers such as waterproofing your containers.

  Here’s a QUICK REVIEW of my first two lessons:

The 2 containers I selected:

A terra cotta pot from OSH  @ $6.99 and a low rectangular embossed metal container a friend was giving away.


Month #1I bought a six-pack of tall purple stock starts,


and here they are, in my containers ~ showing off as two completely different displays:

 IMG_1615      IMG_1598

Month #2: I bought 3 luscious pink cyclamen plants @ $3.99,


and here they are in the very same containers:

 IMG_1751      IMG_1652 

Month #3: This time I’m using the fabulous Gerbera daisy, a very colorful and popular flower, to once again transform my two plain containers. I bought 4 pots in the garden section at Walmart for $3.89 each ~ and look at the dramatic and cheerful show they put on. You’ll be able to enjoy their company close-up for at least a couple of weeks, then plant them outdoors and they’ll continue to thrive.

 Note: I love that the embossed flower designs on the metal pot mirror the live daisies! I didn’t plan it, but Serendipity did.


IMG_1644 - Version 2  IMG_1634

Now I’ll show you these containers “dressed up” and accessorized on different table coverings — where they become not just flowers in a pot, but a whole thoughtfully designed composition…

 In this photo, I’ve placed the planted tin container on top of a simple, brightly striped napkin I found at Pier 1 Imports.


 I love that the stripe colors match the flower colors! Notice how one simple accessory – just a table napkin here! – can make a HUGE difference in how your creation looks.

 Next, I placed the planted round urn on a beautiful lace tablecloth and added two pottery candlesticks from World Market. I love the contrast between the elegant lace, the rough-textured pot and the gorgeous, sunny, unpretentious Gerbera daisies.

Note: You’ve seen me using these candlesticks often in previous posts ~ proving that accessories can be very versatile, too!


 Look again at those 4 little Gerbera daisy plants in their plain pots from the nursery section at Walmart ~


It’s hard to believe their amazing transformation! So EASY, so INEXPENSIVE, so much FUN!!

 The container, the flowers, the table coverings ~ everything works together in harmony to create a beautiful composition ~ and YOU did it!

As I always say, Keep the DETAILS in mind, add a few extra touches and your floral displays will go from “pretty” to “pretty fabulous!”

 Preview of My Next Class:

Coming up: More on those gorgeous Gerbera daisies ~ this time as cut flowers,  how I’ve used them in wedding bouquets, and what you need to know about using them in your own arrangements.

P4050018 - Version 2

4 thoughts on “Flower Class Feature: Arrangement of the Month #3 – Big, bold daisies!

  1. Sydne cara,

    I’m just getting a couple of containers and could have used some personal direction from the expert if she were in the neighborhood! The process was a struggle and the result probably looks a bit ordinary, but the containers add to appearance more than I might have expected.

    Your artistry and creativity continue to impress. Having fun with the blog?

    We went to a funeral service Saturday for our friend who recently died of cancer.

    I picked an arrangement from the flower shop that was one of the most fitting. I credit your blog for making me more sensitive to color, shape, etc. when it comes to flowers. And I thank you as well for giving me the gift of an increased insight into the feelings that move along by means of flowers.

    So here’s a bouquet laced with gratitude right back at you.

    Ciao bella,


    Oh, certamente un abbraccione se la vuoi.


  2. Jan — I am so glad you asked this question!! I’m working on a new post that talks about exactly that! It should be posted by tomorrow. Yes — in my experience, these flowers USED TO have very floppy stems – but nowadays, hardly ever. If you happen to get some that droop, though — I will give you the easy solution in the upcoming post! Thanks for the comment. XO


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