Flower Class: Easy Patriotic Centerpiece, Two Ways

Here’s a quick CENTERPIECE IDEA to create for the Memorial Day holiday weekend ~ in two different versions!


I’m especially excited to show you this one because it comes in two very different looks:

The first is one I demonstrated at a design class in southern California last summer —


And the second is one that was created by a friend who attended that class and was inspired to go right home and put together her own amazing version! 

photo 1

These two arrangements are PERFECT ILLUSTRATIONS of the point I like to make – that when you see AN IDEA – it’s just that: 

One idea, meant to jump-start your IMAGINATION so you can take that concept, plug in your own materials – and create something uniquely and distinctly “YOU”!  

Here’s what my sample centerpiece contains:

  1.  CONTAINER(S) – as many as you need (waterproofed, don’t forget)
  2. POTTED FLOWERING PLANTS in reds/white/blues
  4. RED/WHITE/BLUE “NOVELTY” ACCESSORIES (from any crafts store like Michaels, Joann’s, Walmart, HobbyLobby, etc.)


I used a large rectangular basket (you choose any size or container you like),

~ lined it with a heavy trash bag,

 ~ and glued moss around the edge to disguise the plastic (you can skip this step as long as the lining doesn’t show).

Next, I “planted” it with a variety of plants I found at a local garden center, including:

red vinca, royal blue lobelia, white mini zinnias – and several green plants like ivy to fill in and soften the edges of the container.

(You will find LOTS more specific information on planting baskets like this elsewhere on my blog.)

Now you have a nice-looking containerful of pretty flowers. But here is where the F*U*N really begins – the adding of the accessories that will, as I like to say, take your creation from “pretty” to “pretty fabulous!”

The extras I chose included:

~ A royal blue IKEA lantern (that looked great with an LED candle glowing inside)

~ Several crisp American flags

~ Red, white & blue puffy stars on sticks


I placed the lantern in the center of the basket, right in the soil from the plants (although the arrangement looks great without it).

Then I poked in the flag sticks at random positions. 

Note: If the flag sticks aren’t long enough, use bamboo skewers to make them longer using masking tape or invisible tape.

Finally, in went the stars wherever there was space –

 and with those few, fun steps the arrangement went to a whole new level of CELEBRATION & STYLE!

And now, Arrangement #2:

Here are the delightful arrangements created by a very dear class member (Shanna) who took my idea home and immediately created centerpieces for a big July 4th celebration she was hosting. I just love them! 

Notice that although the piece I presented served as the basic inspiration, you would never guess it from comparing the two different creations!

photo 1

Even though she used the SAME BASIC ELEMENTS:

containers (these are cute canvas sacks from HomeGoods),

flowering plants (bright red Gerbera daisy plants),

flags & patriotic accessories

– the fresh look she created was completely different from mine, and a truly unique expression of her own artistic style! 

To quote one of my followers: “This is EASY!!!” 

And it is! There is almost nothing that makes me happier than hearing that something I’ve taught has led to someone else’s creativity being sparked, and that they have been able to have the en*JOY*ment of making something beautiful in their own one-of-a-kind way. 

photo - Version 2Many thanks to Shanna for letting me share your gorgeous Stars & Stripes arrangements ~ and to Samantha for hosting my Summer Flower Class! XOXO



3 thoughts on “Flower Class: Easy Patriotic Centerpiece, Two Ways

  1. That was a great class! So much fun to learn from you Sydne, and I loved the special treats you left behind!


  2. GREAT COMMENT! Yes – I think you can!! Or, if the flowers don’t re-bloom, there is always the trick I talk about in my Easter Egg Hunt in a Basket post, which is adding artificial blooms to the live plants. Thanks, Jan!


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