PROJECT: 30 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #13

Rose Garden Wedding on a Summer Afternoon

This lush bridal bouquet is filled with many varieties of roses, including huge pink David Austen roses. Stock, ranunculus and freesia add to the beautiful mix of soft pastels. Another favorite!P8202065P1010628

P8202138 - Version 2
P1010597 - Version 2P8202075 - Version 2P8202078P1010623P8202090    P8202113  P8202120 P1010626

2 thoughts on “PROJECT: 30 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #13

  1. Remarkable. Now I understand that you just wore your heart out, creating all these incredible bouquets under the pressure of emotional deadlines! When do I get to see photos of the Steele wedding? Hugs, JS



    1. Your wedding was before digital photos – and my photos are not great. Do you have any you can send me? If you do, I will post them. It was a gorgeous, luscious, elegant wedding and the MOG said:
      “The most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen!” — that I have in writing! 🙂


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