PROJECT: 30 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #19

An elegant Bridal Bouquet for a summer evening reception

This bride’s heart’s desire was a bridal bouquet filled with dozens of classic white calla lilies & touches of blue blossoms and crystals.P8060043 - Version 2

The setting was the beautiful poolside garden of the bride’s family home ~ and flowers were everywhere in shades of blue, white and green! Huge sprays of blue hydrangea & bella donna, white roses, phlox and green bells of Ireland hung on pergola columns and decorated white lattice archways * Dining tables held centerpieces of blue & white flower circles surrounding floating candle vases * Three massive floral wreaths floated in the pool ~ and a canopy of tulle and lights over the stunning wedding cake created a wonderful ambience for this joy-filled celebration.

P8070052 - Version 4Image 2P8070068Image 10 - Version 2P8070055P8070091 - Version 2 P8070069 - Version 2P8070087 P8070058P8070083 - Version 2P8070072 - Version 2P8070064P1070411

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