PROJECT: 30 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #23

Whimsical Bridal Bouquet of White Gerbera Daisies

Click here to see this wedding (and several more) featured in another of my blog posts on Gerbera daisies.

When a bride comes to me with a clear vision of what she wants, especially when it’s a look I haven’t seen before, I love the challenge of making it happen. This bride was very confident about what she wanted, and it was obvious she could see every detail in her mind’s eye.

S&Z 369

 The colors she had chosen were white, black and lime green, and for flowers, she wanted nothing but white Gerbera daisies with black centers everywhere, mixed with accents of shiny green berries and a few white roses for variety. 

S&Z 209

 Specific flowers and colors have the power to convey specific moods and ambience, and all those daisy bouquets created a feeling that was fresh, whimsical and light-hearted for a very happy wedding day. 

Click here to see my blog post featuring lots more stories and photos of  my Gerbera daisy weddings.

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