PROJECT: All 30 Days of My Bridal Bouquets!

Here they are ~ all 30 Bridal Bouquets for you! Although a few came close, the most “liked” bouquet is at the bottom of the page. 

P6180761 - Version 2 PA100212 - Version 2img_6858_pcImage
I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this project has been for me, or thank you enough for your enthusiastic responses!

Because of many requests and because I have so many more favorites to share, I will happily continue sending you these bouquets ~ maybe even for another 30 days! Enjoy!  
PA170224 P5090004 P1050783 - Version 3 P8060043 - Version 2 PA020457.JPG - Version 2DSC_0729DSC_0452P1020064 11221820_10154131641760898_7057630062696202484_n IMG_5770 D20_9658 P8202075 - Version 2 102_0432 - Version 2 105_2352 DSC_0291 - Version 2S&Z 369 - Version 3

P4050022 - Version 2IMG_2325P1140326 dmreception1DSC_0740 - Version 4
bouquet - Version 2DSC_0784DSC00287_2P7240085

It was a very close contest for “most popular bridal bouquet” but this one below is the favorite! Which one is yours? 

Image 16


3 thoughts on “PROJECT: All 30 Days of My Bridal Bouquets!

  1. Loved the whole month of August, just anticipating what the next day’s bouquet would look like! Such beauty, such talent, such joy! Xoxoxo!!!


    1. Thank you, dear friend! I loved it, too! So much that I just have to keep it going for another 30 days! It has been much more fun than I even anticipated to send flowers every day. xoxo


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