PROJECT: 30 More Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #2

Fabric Swatches As Starting Points


Sometimes a client will bring me a piece of fabric that has inspired the colors & theme for the wedding festivities ~ and this was one of those times.


If you’re planning a wedding and don’t know what colors to choose, this is a great solution. The fabric was used to create wide table runners on the reception tables, which (along with the flowers, of course) spread all these beautiful colors throughout the garden setting.

table flowers - Version 3
I loved the fabric, with its many bright, informal colors and stylized shapes ~ and it was a fun challenge to see what flowers I could find for the bridal bouquet and all the rest of the wedding flowers that would echo the spirit of the fabric. 

Right: a bridesmaid bouquet ~ and at top, the beautiful bridal bouquet itself. 




Here are two of the bridesmaid bouquets packed and ready for delivery. Next photo shows one of them waiting in the garden. We wrapped cotton lace trim over the salmony pink ribbon wrapping the flower stems to give the bouquets another touch of old-fashioned charm.P6251081










At left,  one of many table center-pieces in blue Mason jars wearing collars of white cotton lace. At right, a huge bouquet of more colorful country flowers arranged in a golden yellow ceramic pitcher. This arrangement was placed center-stage on a long buffet table full of delectable homemade pies baked by the bride’s mom.

And finally here’s the charming tossing bouquet, which decorated the guest book table till it was time to be tossed.

P6251090 - Version 2


4 thoughts on “PROJECT: 30 More Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #2

  1. I love your fabric idea. I have used this same approach in decorating a condo that we recently purchased. I found a fabric that I couldn’t resist at World Market. I purchased several sets of drapes that were made out of the yummy fabric. I have since recovered two chairs with my purchase and will be using the drapes as drapes in the master bedroom. Thank you for being my most wonderful, talented friend. It’s true, you are!


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