PROJECT: 30 More Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #3

 Another Wedding Color Scheme Designed around a Fabric Swatch

Here’s another example of a wedding whose color scheme and ambience were inspired by a fabric swatch [see yesterday’s post].


The design of this fabric was reminiscent of a rich Renaissance tapestry, and although the colors were more muted than the fresh flowers we used, the  lush, voluminous shapes of the flowers echoed the soft, swirling flowers in the tapestry, and the colors blended beautifully.

P1010490 - Version 2

Once again, yards of this fabric were sewn into squares for the tops of the dining tables, and with silver footed bowls overflowing with flowers for centerpieces, the look was elegant and fabulous!

This creative bride wanted to make her own bouquet out of heirloom and vintage brooches and pieces of jewelry, so the only “bridal bouquet” we made was the tossing bouquet (both pictured below).

P8121747 - Version 2P8121750  





P8121724 - Version 2P8121719

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