PROJECT: 30 More Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #4

Another bridal bouquet inspired by a beautiful fabric design

DSCF0495 - Version 2

In this richly textured bridal bouquet of brightly-colored flowers, we used white calla lilies and several shades of pink roses as the main focus. Mixing them with green parrot tulips and Bells of Ireland, white lisianthus and a surprising touch of herbs and pods created a fascinating visual mix of elegant, formal flowers combined with rustic and informal ones.  

At the bride’s request, we added touches of fresh green herbs and poppy pods to her vibrant bridal bouquet ~ a detail that was uncommon a few years ago, and maybe the first time I had used them.  The effect was so unique and perfect for a “foodie” ~ and I love that this bride has since become a cooking star! Look for her on Instagram  @kristinandrus. You will just love her!

DSCF0514 - Version 2

This is the third example [see my last 2 posts] of a client who found a striking piece of fabric in rich colors she loved, and used it to inspire the ambience of her daughter’s reception venue.

I love when a client gives me a starting point like this. It makes it easy for me to create the look and feeling she wants, using flowers in all the colors in the swatch.

If you do this yourself and find a fabric that entices you, you’ll be able to instantly see how all its colors look together, and you can be confident that the combination will work well in your event decorating scheme. 


Here are the centerpieces. We varied their heights, as you can see ~ with some set on tall stands, others sitting right on the tables. Notice the floral fabric on the table ~ and if you look closely at the flowers, you can see the touches I added of delicate sweet peas, lilacs and filler to bring out the accent purple hues in the fabric. 


DSCF0503 - Version 2

    This bride’s mother is an extraordinary hostess and dear friend, and I learned a wonderful secret from her as we worked together to create the beautiful setting for this celebration. The reception venue was a large, elegant golf clubhouse furnished, as you would expect, with a sophisticated but neutral and somewhat impersonal vibe.

So this mother-of-the-bride collected a carful of her own beautiful accessories (throw pillows, candlesticks, candy dishes, small framed pictures, etc.) in the wedding colors, along with some colorful flowering plants she ordered from me, and we placed them around the impersonal venue (including the powder room!) ~ which magically transformed it into a place that felt like home. What a difference this inspired touch made!




DSCF0507 - Version 2

And for the finale: the glorious wedding cake displayed in its place of honor, surrounded by swirls of that inspiration fabric with touches of fresh flowers and greens tucked into the folds. 


Image 1 - Version 2

Don’t forget to find Kristin on Instagram – @kristinandrus                                                    


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