PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #5

Wedding Color Inspiration from a Handmade Quilt!


Taking the use of fabric as wedding-flower-inspiration to a whole new level, this was not just any quilt, but  a one-of-a-kind masterpiece designed and created by this lovely bride’s talented mom. Hung in a place of honor in the family home, the quilt brought a wonderful ambience of warmth and love to a wedding reception wrapped in bliss.

P8230025 - Version 2

Combining red (the bride’s favorite color) with the black, white & green she chose for the wedding’s gorgeous, playful color theme, the flowers brought the colors to life in the bridal bouquet and all the other arrangements.

For  the bridal bouquet, we combined rich red roses with vibrant green, red-throated Cattleya orchids. Touches of white roses and delicate star-shaped stephanotis blossoms tied the colorful bouquet to the bride’s beautiful white wedding gown.

P1010949 - Version 2

I love the loving attention to detail this family put into setting the stage for their daughter’s wedding reception, from the large fresh-flower wreath I created for their front door to the flowers in their manicured gardens planted weeks ahead to add to the display of color everywhere.

P1010961P8230049 - Version 2

P1010935P8230055 - Version 3P8230045P1010954

Below: the fabulous wedding cake, a delightfully imaginative creation that looked to be straight out of Alice in Wonderland. And finally, another example of the attention paid to the smallest of details, a close-up of one of the dozens of rose-filled paper cones that hung on every chair (also created by the bride’s mother).

P1010970  P1010952


And they lived happily ever after….


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