PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #12

Bridal Bouquet for a Garden Wedding Reception

This late summer wedding was held at the bride’s family’s beautiful home and gardens, which her parents had turned into a gracious, welcoming venue featuring flowers absolutely everywhere, in the soft, sweet colors of summer.

The elegant yet informal bridal bouquet mixed a luscious assortment of creamy white freesia and extravagant pink David Austen roses with an unusual variety of white Star of Bethlehem with green textured tips. The bouquet was then wrapped in Tiffany blue ribbon, the accent color of the day.


A colorful assortment of country garden flowers was gathered into each of the five exuberant bridesmaid bouquets…


…and rustic watering cans, each one bursting with a different collection of summer flowers, decorated a dozen round dining tables.

 0717_MG_9466nicole_gerulat 0687_MG_9431nicole_gerulat

0686_MG_9429nicole_gerulat        0694_MG_9439nicole_gerulat

Then there was the delectable wedding cake wrapped with Tiffany blue ribbons and adorned with soft yellow David Austen roses, lemon leaves and  green berries.

The beautiful stage had been set, and everyone agreed this delightful wedding celebration could not have been more perfect.


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