PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #14

An Elegant Bridal Bouquet Filled with Orchids & Tuberose

P1050233.JPG - Version 2

        This was the bride’s dream bouquet, re-created from a magazine photo she had given me ~ filled with exotic green cattleya orchids and dendrobium tips, clusters of divinely-scented tuberoses and brunia berries. Stems were wrapped in white satin to complement the bridal gown.

P1050274.JPG - Version 3

   The lovely celebration was held in the groom’s family’s beautiful gardens, and this time I had the great fun of collaborating with two amazingly talented sisters (the groom’s mom and aunt) in designing all the flowers. The pool wreaths are some of their work.



I couldn’t resist this dessert table photo – notice the little frosting-taster at lower right…. 🙂

P1050267P1050238.JPG P1050234

4 thoughts on “PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #14

  1. For the Love of Orchids – Gorgeous!!!! You keep amazing me! I want to get remarried, haha!

    Hope you are doing well and keeping calm!

    Kris Wyatt

    Friends of McBean Park

    Lincoln Community Foundation: “Cultivating Lincoln Philanthropy & Stewardship for Today & Tomorrow”

    Lincoln Rotary: “Service Above Self”

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  2. Sydne—can you put Mary ( ) on your flower project list? How do people get your past days? I bet Maggie would enjoy them too. JS



  3. Hi — I can email you about getting on the “list” – but I’m sure she has INSTAGRAM – and she can find me at @sydnesflowerclass. Once she signs up to follow me, she should be able to access all the bouquets – including hers! If you send me Maggie’s email address (privately, not on here) I can get in touch w/ her as well. I’d love that.

    Also — anyone can sign up to follow me here on my website — just by entering their email address where it says on the page. THE TRICK is that WordPress will then send you a confirming email to the address you entered, and you HAVE TO RESPOND to that or you won’t be added.
    Thanks!! The more the merrier!!

    How ’bout sister Judi? Send me her email address, too. XOXO


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