PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets~ Day #22

One Charming Bride, Two Beautiful Bouquets

     This endearing bride and groom had a delightful wedding celebration centered around cheerful yellow daisies, their sentimental favorite flower. Be sure to read their romantic story below.


       The official bridal bouquet was bursting with yellow and white daisies, yellow stock, green Bells of Ireland and  button mums, and tiny white daisy-like Montecasino filler. Orange hypericum berries added just the right touch of contrasting color, and bursts of crystal daisies elevated the bouquet to bridal status. (Closeup shown here.)

P1040074 - Version 3

  “A Thousand Yellow Daisies”

Here is the other bouquet, held by my 10-year-old granddaughter and sous-florist, so you can get an idea of the bouquet’s massive size. This bouquet was a collaboration between the M.O.B. and the groom ~ and was a complete surprise for the bride when her groom got down on one knee and presented it to her at their wedding reception.

Here’s the story of the “thousand yellow daisies” bouquet, as told by the bride:

DSC_0852 - Version 2

     During our dating years I was particularly obsessed with the series “Gilmore Girls.” In one episode, Lorelai was dating a man named Max. He proposed to her in the middle of a fight. Her response was “There should be a thousand yellow daisies, and candles, and a horse…” He apologized and asked her to forget he even asked. The next day she comes to work and is surprised to walk into a room filled to overflowing with yellow daisies.

            Ever since that episode, my phrase to Nick was “I love you a thousand yellow daisies” which then morphed into “I love you a thousand ______” filled with anything. My favorite one was “I love you a thousand bumble bees.” I thought that was cute.

Our wedding song was “A Thousand Years” and of course our wedding flowers were yellow daisies. And that’s our story! 🙂 

P1040102 - Version 2 P1040096 - Version 2

DSC_0872 - Version 3 DSC_0863 - Version 2
P8272182 P1040097 - Version 2

P1040076 - Version 2

Thank you, Lauren, for letting us share in your magical wedding day and for sharing your story. XO

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