PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #26

Orange & Purple Wedding Flowers ~ Part 2

     This unique bridal bouquet combined roses, stock, hypericum berries, wax flowers and seeded eucalyptus in a very unconventional color combination of shades of orange and purple ~ all dressed up with a silver mesh bow.


The happy couple happened to be raving Giants fans and their wedding was in October, so they announced that their colors were going to be orange and purple. I smiled agreeably as I scribbled down all their notes, but I have to admit I was really thinking: “Are you kidding? That will be a disaster!”


But I have learned over the years that when I follow my clients’  instructions, even though at times their flower visions are not something I would ever dream up ~ something wonderful always happens when you take beautiful flowers of any kind and color and combine them together into one design.

The bouquets magically transform into their own unique statement in much the same way that sewing various unrelated fabric pieces into a patchwork quilt transforms the quilt into a new one-of-a-kind creation.

The bright orange and purple combination of flowers turned out to be a vibrant and whimsical look that everyone loved, and I have never seen a bride and groom more thrilled with the final result.

IMG_5836 - Version 2


My favorite element of the wedding decor was that the B&G also wanted to use white pumpkins for all the vases and containers. I loved the idea, although I was not ready for the messy job of scooping out a whole bunch of pumpkins! So the couple brought us all the white pumpkins hollowed out and ready to fill with flowers ~ and the look turned out to be fun and amazing as you can see here.

IMG_5834 - Version 2IM002485 IM002483IM002473 - Version 3

Be sure to see yesterday’s post ~ Part 1 ~ if you missed it.



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