PROJECT: 30 MORE Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #27

Bridal Bouquet for a Charming Country Wedding – Part 1 of 2

       Would you believe me if I said this was one of my very favorite weddings? Maybe, like my children, they’re all my “favorites” ~ but this beautiful bride gave me the opportunity to mix so many flowers and beautiful colors to create the rustic ambience of her wedding that I especially loved the country charming bouquets that resulted.

Image 3

        Some of the flowers I used included huge white peonies, green hydrangea, gold crespidia balls, delicate purple wax flower, and bright gold daisy mums. I also added parrot tulips in purple and white, green button mums and accents of dark green fresh thistle.

        Tomorrow (Day #28), you’ll see lots more pictures of the bouquets and the delightful venue where this joyful celebration took place!

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