My First Blog Post: White Narcissus on a Gloomy Day

To celebrate the milestone of my 100th blog post, I am reposting my very first post from January 2015. My purpose in creating this teaching format is that I know for sure that flowers have the magical power to lift our spirits and make us happy ~ and I want you to discover this for yourself!
IMG_0542            As I drove down the freeway a few days ago, I became painfully aware of how bleak and bare the landscape has become now that winter has settled in. I tried not to think about the long, cold weeks ahead or about how desperately we need more rain here in northern California. Gray thoughts for a very gray day.

         Suddenly I caught sight of something unfamiliar along the side of the road. I looked again, and saw to my complete delight a meandering swath of tiny white narcissus, blooming with cheerful determination against a patch of scraggly grass in the shadow of a concrete overpass. When I recognized what they were, my heart did that same happy lurch it always does when I come upon beautiful flowers.

Narcissus at the nursery

         Their nodding heads quickly disappeared from sight as I rushed past them at 70 mph, but thoughts of those sweet mini-daffodils have stayed with me for days as I’ve wondered: How did they ever happen to be growing in that unexpected place? Who was it that had made the daunting effort to plant flowering bulbs along the side of a freeway? And just why would someone do such a thing?

         I might never know the answers to the “who” or the “how” of this apparent labor of love, but because I have worked with flowers for many years and have become well acquainted with their magical, heart-lifting powers, I understood perfectly the “why.”

         Some joyful flower-enthusiast had decided to brighten a small gray patch of the world, and was willing to go to unusual lengths to make it happen. It was a grand gesture, surely intended to bring smiles to passers-by as they rushed too fast down the freeway of life.

   I believe that most of us are touched by that same impulse, that irresistible desire to brighten up a corner of our world in whatever way we can. Very few of us would plant bulbs along a crowded freeway, but in countless other ways many of us do the very same thing every day.

   I feel a special kinship to that inspired stranger, the planter of all those tiny narcissus bulbs, because I too have fallen under the spell of the flowers of the earth, and have witnessed over and over how even a few tiny blossoms, popping up in the most unlikely of places, have that wondrous ability to warm our hearts and bring smiles to the faces of all who stop long enough to appreciate them.

The great 20th century American painter, Georgia O’Keeffe, famously said:

Nobody sees a flower, really. It is so small. We haven’t the time and to see takes time, like to have friends takes time.

In her determination to change that, O’Keeffe began painting enormous canvases of single, magnificent flowers. The world took notice, and her work became legendary.

         My heart’s desire as I begin Sydne’s Flower Class is to do in my own way what O’Keeffe did – that is, to focus more of your attention on the flowers that surround us and often go unnoticed as we rush through life.

         I want to help you to feel more at ease bringing them into your days so you can touch them, play with them, feel their vibrant energy, and find your hearts lifted by their beautiful influence.


2 thoughts on “My First Blog Post: White Narcissus on a Gloomy Day

  1. Sydne! I wrote a paper on Georgia Okeefe for an Art History class when I was in college–using in that paper the very quote you have included in your message. I fell in love with her, her art, and her huge flowers have graced many walls in my homes. Clearly another of the countless heart-strings that have always connected us through the years….thankyou for bringing the healing power of flowers into my day–love you with all my heart, Susie


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