PROJECT: 90 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #66

Fresh Flower Circle Centerpieces: Variations on a Theme

Here’s an assortment of floral wreath centerpieces I’ve created for a number of different weddings. You can see how the very same idea can be completely changed  depending on the flowers and colors used.

Blog post #65 yesterday ~ in case you missed it:

DSCF2351 - Version 3

     Next photo, brown orchids & blush pink rosesThis gorgeous interpretation of the flower circle centerpiece is waiting in a tissue-lined box to be transported to the reception venue, where a candle in a glass vase will placed in the center.  I absolutely love the color combination of green hydrangea blooms and darker green leaves mixed with brown cymbidium orchids touched with rosy pink. Adding several sizes of pale blush roses makes the whole thing come together beautifully.


   Next: Same idea, another variation. We created these flower circles in bright citrus colors for a summer evening garden reception. I added fresh lemons on picks into the circles for an unexpected focal point and to accentuate the bright yellow color.

P1020198 - Version 2

          Next: Two more versions of the same concept ~ these for two different country fall weddings. Even though the autumn colors are almost the same, the flower circles in the first photo are slightly different from the ones shown in the following two pictures. Proof that even when using the same colors, you can still create a unique design just by choosing different flowers and greenery.

P1030359.JPG - Version 2

I love how these beautiful centerpieces look in the evening with the candles glowing. It’s magical!


PA180056 - Version 2

  One more interpretation: Two photos of the same centerpiece idea, but in summery blues & whites set on pale celery green tablecloths.P8070058 P8070087

If the site of the wedding reception features a beautiful pool, clients will sometimes ask me to create floating versions of the flower circles. These two blue & white designs are for different weddings. Can you tell the difference ?

Image 2


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