PROJECT: 90 Days of Bridal Bouquets ~ Day #76

Fresh Flower Door Wreath welcomes Wedding Guests

        Remember in recent posts, I showed you several versions of flower circles used for weddings ~ to decorate dining tables, and even to float in swimming pools?

        Well, here is one more flower circle idea: this one overflowing with luscious fresh roses and fragrant stock ~ all in softest shades of pink and peach and blush and white. I designed this wreath to hang on the bride’s family’s front door as a beautiful welcome to guests at their festive wedding reception.


        This wreath brought back memories of what a sweet wedding it was, so I’m sharing a few more photos. Soft patchwork prints on tables… rusted watering cans brimming with luscious flowers…market lights festooning the garden reception setting ~ all for a special B&G whose story seemed to come off the pages of a Cinderella storybook. 


DSCF1360 DSCF1357 DSCF1354 DSCF1353 DSCF1351 DSCF1350 DSCF1329 DSCF1338


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