Halloween Display: Friendly Ghosts

Easy-to-Construct Display of Friendly Ghosts for your Porch

Last year at my fall floral design class, one of my clients requested I come up with something easy to make for Halloween. This is what I dreamed up:

DSCN2527 - Version 2

Making these cute friendly ghosts was super-easy. I got some white styrofoam balls, some wooden dowels and some heavy clay pots filled with styrofoam. 

I poked the dowels into the balls to make the ghosts’ heads, then stuck the other end of the dowels into the clay pots. (You might have to add some rocks to the pots to make them heavier to support the ghosts.)

DSCN2529 - Version 2Next: I cut big squares of white sheets and draped them over the balls to make ghost-gowns. I tied them at the neck, using a different black and white  “bow tie” ribbon to give each cheerful ghost his own personality. I used small black-headed sewing pins to make their beady eyes – and suddenly they all came to life!

I loved the way they looked – but I’m always looking for that “something extra,” and I found it in a bolt of white tulle I had on hand. I draped the tulle over the ghost figures — and it gave the perfect finishing touch! It made them look much more ethereal and ghostly.

DSCN2530 - Version 2

I set these friendly ghosts on a table on my front porch in front of a folding screen draped with white lights. I placed some real pumpkins, fake garland, and black lanterns and votives with LED lights around them.

Behind them, I arranged some black branches and fall-colored silk foliage in another big pot ~ and I had a very kid-friendly, very easy-to-make display for Halloween.

You could adapt this idea to make ghosts of any size. I hope you’ll try it.

Happy Halloween!




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