Fall Floral Arrangement in a Fresh Pumpkin

Fall flowers, grasses & grains in a fresh pumpkin container

P1020344 - Version 3

Here’s a floral design I demonstrated at one of my classes:

I collected a wild assortment of chrysanthemums (big rust & yellow spider mums and bright-red daisy mums bought at the local grocery store), along with fresh autumn leaves, pods, grains and grasses I picked from my class members’ yards. 

Then I arranged them all in a fresh orange pumpkin for a big beautiful display that shouts: “Time to celebrate Autumn!”

Here’s what I did:

To keep the pumpkin fresh for a few days: Lightly spray a bleach-and-water solution inside after you scoop out the seeds and pulp. Then – this is an absolute MUST – find any kind of waterproof container that will fit snugly inside. You do not want any water to contact the inside of the pumpkin!

Fill the inner container with blocks of well-soaked Oasis floral foam, and have fun composing your beautiful arrangement!

 Final hints: Keep the arrangement as COLD as possible when it’s not on display. (Keeping it in a garage or sheltered porch overnight is usually perfect.) 

And remember – you can scale the arrangement to any size that fits your needs. In fact, several small flower-filled pumpkins would be perfect down the center of a dining table.


4 thoughts on “Fall Floral Arrangement in a Fresh Pumpkin

  1. Great idea, Sydne. Lisa and I bought glycerin treated autumnal leaves at the Floralmart in SF to decorate for Joe’s 75th birthday party. They are still beautiful.


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