A Light-hearted Porch Display for a Happy Thanksgiving

Fanciful Porch Display for Autumn and Thanksgiving

Here’s an idea for a very easy, light-hearted display to decorate for Thanksgiving, using props from the craft store + some fresh flowering plants from your local nursery.


Don’t have a porch that would work? You can use the very same principles to create something similar for a hall table, mantel, stairway or any place else you can think of. Just scale the materials to suit your space.

IMG_8152 - Version 2

How I created this display:

I scouted my local nursery (GreenAcres is my favorite) for some bright, happy flowering plants in the autumn colors I wanted to use.

IMG_8029 IMG_7963

I collected some great pieces (all from Michaels craft store or Walmart) to use as my building blocks and accessories: a big hay bale, a wooden crate, various artificial pumpkins (you could definitely use real ones if you like), an orange bandanna and a beautiful, lifelike rooster with a robust personality!

I found two scarecrows at Michaels as well – and although I happen to love their look, you could create a perfectly wonderful display without them.

I covered an old weathered table with a piece of burlap – then placed the  hay bale and the wooden crate at the back to start my foundation.

IMG_7202 IMG_7213

The scarecrows went on next, since they are the main focal point.

IMG_7204 IMG_7199

That fabulous rooster was my most unique find, and in fact, he’s what sparked the whole project. When it was his turn to join the fun, I had to find a way to anchor his feet so he wouldn’t topple over. Here’s what I did: I cut a piece off the stem of a silk flower, bent it into hairpin shape and looped it over the rooster’s foot; then I pushed the wire deep into the hay bale and it worked perfectly!

IMG_7214 IMG_7216

And here he is, Chanticleer himself, right in the middle of the display, looking very proud as he guards the pumpkin patch.


Next step: I placed the fresh flowering plants in various containers that went with the country theme and positioned them here and there, using the taller ones at the back and shorter ones in front.

This is my favorite part of creating a display like this, because adding the flowers makes the whole scene literally come to life right before your eyes!


I mixed artificial pumpkins with smaller-sized fresh ones from the grocery store and tucked a few fresh apples here and there to give another added touch of brightness to the scene.


Here again is the finished project – a cheerful statement to welcome friends and family to your autumn holiday celebrations.

IMG_8152 - Version 2

Now look at a smaller version of the very same idea, created to decorate a buffet table in my dining room. Similar elements – every bit as cute and fun, but on a much smaller scale. Remember always that YOU are in charge, and whatever you choose to do — have fun with it!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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