Floral Centerpiece for Autumn

A big fall arrangement with a surprise accent


This  is another large centerpiece I created for a fall floral design class.

I chose a large glass vase that had a wide mouth. In order to help the materials stay where I wanted them, I made a loose grid across the opening using clear cellophane tape. It’s a simple trick – and it keeps everything in place until you have filled in all the elements.

Floral materials: I selected an abundance of beautiful seeded eucalyptus as the main green element. I love the way the leaves and seeds droop gracefully, and they made a perfect frame for this design.

DSCN1871 - Version 6

I usually mix at least a couple more types of greenery into an arrangement like this, because they introduce subtle variations in color and texture and make the design more interesting.

You can see I added brown leaves, green leaves and a type of fall-ish looking fern.

There are some fresh green poppy pods added, as well

Next, the colorful flowers! I chose some beautiful flowers in autumn’s radiant colors, including snapdragons, alstroemeria and rust-colored mums. The green tips of the orange snapdragons match perfectly with the green pods.

DSCN1871 - Version 5

DSCN1871 - Version 3


I often try to add an unexpected element to my bouquets, and for this one, I found some small rosy-gold-and-orange apples that were perfect. They needed stems to anchor them into the arrangement so I used long bamboo skewers (the kind you can find in the kitchen section of places like Walmart), pierced the apples with the pointed ends, and wrapped the sticks with green floral tape so they wouldn’t be noticed through the glass.

The long skewer stems made it easy to insert the apples randomly into the arrangement, and made the perfect finishing touch.

Final thoughts for longest bouquet life:

  1.  Remember to keep your beautiful arrangement as cool as possible (out of direct sun and away from heaters).
  2. Change the vase water every two to three days.
  3. To really add life to your flowers, when you change the water, recut all the stems (always at an angle) so they will drink up that nice fresh water.



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