Autumn floral design for a favorite client

Big Fall Arrangement for an Entryway


I created this big custom arrangement for a client and dear friend who wanted to display it on a very narrow shelf in front of a huge mirror in her front hallway. The challenge was to find just the right container because it had to be so narrow ~ and heavy enough to stay put, but I found one in black wrought iron, and lined it with sheet moss before putting in dry foam blocks to anchor all the stems.


Using natural birch branches, I created a large fan shape at the back to define the outside shape of the design, then started moving forward in layers.

Materials I used included a variety of “silk” autumn leaves and flowers, including some delicate red-orange orchids for a surprise touch (all bought at Michaels).  I use any combination of materials I think looks good together, and the more unlikely the better! That what adds interesting character to the composition. Here it is in progress:

DSCN2552I mixed birch branches and sheaves of dried grains into the arrangement to give the illusion of a natural, fresh floral piece just gathered from the harvest. In this closeup, you’ll see the branches and grains, and some dried pods, too:

DSCN2552 - Version 3

Finally, I added the orange pumpkin as the centerpiece of the design. It took some looking to find an artificial pumpkin that was just the right size and color, and I tried and rejected several before I found this one. To anchor it into the arrangement, I glued a few lengths of bamboo skewers into the bottom of the pumpkin and pushed them into the foam. (If it doesn’t feel firmly in place, it’s time to use some hot glue on the ends of the skewers for reinforcement.)


And here is the finished product ~ a beautiful fall arrangement that says “Welcome!” to everyone who enters this warm, lovely home. 

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