Easy Fall Mantel Display Idea

Decorate Your Mantel or Sideboard for Thanksgiving

Did you see my last blog post showing you how to create a Thanksgiving table centerpiece? Well, I used exactly the same principles to create this decoration for my fireplace mantel.


It’s the very same simple concept: 1) Place the largest objects first (candlesticks work great for height), 2) Add medium-sized items like the pumpkins shown here. 3) Then, all you do is fill in the arrangement, tucking various autumn flowers and fruits randomly on the mantel between the bigger objects.

I used assorted gourds and pumpkins along with faux sunflowers, berries and autumn leaves, accented with  some small berry stems for texture.

PS: Once the mantel arrangement was assembled, I decided it needed more of “something,” so I cut some long pieces of wired plaid ribbon and wove them in and out through the composition. I just love the difference it made!

It’s SO EASY! And since these are all artificial materials, you can use them year after year. And remember – you can use ANY materials, any colors, any ribbons, to create your display. The look will be uniquely yours, and it will be simply gorgeous!

2 thoughts on “Easy Fall Mantel Display Idea

  1. Sydne, I have so enjoyed everything you send. I study them and think about it, because I am always making arrangement in my home. The ideas are really great. It’s so nice to see you using your art in such a lovely manner, and I thank you for sharing this with everyone.

    Judith Goins CArleson


    1. Hi Judith — Thank you so much for such a lovely note. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the posts; I’m having so much fun posting them!! Your message came at just the right time, and I appreciate it more than you know. Hope to SEE you sometime! XOXO Sydne


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