Quickest Flower Arrangement E-ver!

1 Flowering Plant + 1 Container = Instant Flower Arrangement

I know we’re all preoccupied with menus and shopping lists for T-Day ~ but don’t forget the flowers! Beautiful flowers add a magical touch to any feast, any time, anywhere ~ and all you need is one flowering plant (or more!) from your local hardware or grocery store (OSH, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, etc.) + an interesting container to make magic happen almost instantly.


This is the gaillardia I bought a week ago at my local  nursery. These colors are perfect and the plant is nice and full, but there are so many other happy, healthy seasonal blooms out there (chrysanthemums, cyclamen, etc.) just waiting to come to your house for dinner.

IMG_8203The container you select is half the fun, and you can choose ANY pot, vase or basket, as long as it’s waterproof. (Caution: I would never place an arrangement with damp soil directly on a wooden table; put some plastic under your tablecloth in case of spills or condensation.)

I found this amazing crockery replica of a French utensil holder at Pier 1 ~ and although most people would picture it filled with spoons and spatulas, I could only see it spilling over with flowers!

IMG_8206 - Version 2

If your plant is too big for the container you want to use, don’t be afraid to slice off some of the potting soil it’s growing in. That’s what I did with this one ~ and you can slice off at least 1/3 of the dirt to make it fit. If you leave most of the root ball intact, the plant will be perfectly fine.

This pretty flower is going on my kitchen counter next to the buffet of delicious food we’ll be serving on Thanksgiving. AND ~ it will stay fresh for days and days, as long as I keep the soil a little damp (not too much water, though; less is more with pots that don’t have drainage).

Keep in mind that ANY container will work, and whatever you choose will create its own unique vibe. If you want to go one simple step farther with your beautiful flowers, you can arrange the pot on a tray with a few other related objects and now you really have a “wow” factor.IMG_8196

See what I mean? I put the same plant in a galvanized bucket from the hardware store, grabbed a metal tray (Walmart), added a bright plaid dinner napkin (Pier 1) and look what happens!

IMG_8201 - Version 2

Finally, I added a little yellow pitcher, a candle and some fresh and faux fruits and in minutes I created a beautiful display that would be perfect in so many places ~ kitchen, dining table, coffee table, hutch or sideboard, etc.

I want to emphasize that I’m showing you the IDEA behind the arrangement ~ and you can make it your very own by assembling the objects that suit your own personal style. Here’s another example of the very same idea: a different tray lined with a dinner napkin (also Pier 1), flowering plant in decorative pot, candles, fruits, etc. 

IMG_8267 IMG_8264

This is such a simple concept! Don’t worry if you don’t have time to put one together for Thanksgiving. I’ll be showing you the same “idea” with Christmas themes coming soon!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday with the people you love. XOXO








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