Autumn Still Life with Candles

Another Easy but Fabulous Fall Centerpiece

This stunning arrangement is one of my very favorite designs. The idea came from one I saw in a book by gardening & lifestyle writer, P. Allen Smith. 

DSC_0705 - Version 2

I occasionally glance through magazines and floral design books looking for something that might spark my imagination, and if I find an idea that appeals to me, I’ll take that basic idea or combination of materials and transform it into my own unique interpretation. (I want you to realize you can do the very same thing, as well!) However, when I saw this breathtaking arrangement in the book, I immediately wanted to recreate it for myself.

I used a barn-red wooden tray with two glass hurricanes positioned inside. Then I just piled on a variety of autumnal fruits including pumpkins, apples, pomegranates and grapes. I tucked in some fresh and some artificial fall leaves and some silk bittersweet branches to give more depth and texture to the arrangement.

DSC_0706 - Version 2

Final touch: I added orange candles that matched the fresh pumpkins perfectly. I think it’s an amazing piece of art ~ and you can see that it’s extremely EASY and quick to create! You don’t have to do any real “arranging” because the tray you use establishes the outer shape, and the tall hurricanes give it height.

Layer on a plentiful assortment of fall fruits in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to create that feeling of abundant harvest ~ and that’s all there is to it!

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