Manhattan Holiday Wreath Inspiration

Color Inspiration: A New York City Holiday Wreath

IMG_0025 - Version 2

I saw this incredibly beautiful wreath hanging on the marble wall of a Manhattan skyscraper a few years ago while we were visiting at Christmas-time. I loved the understated study in browns with antique gold and silver accents. And of course, I had to take its picture!

        The wreath is made of magnolia leaves, green on top with that gorgeous suede-like brown color on the underside. It’s adorned with clusters of big textural pine cones, gilded fruits in several varieties, and punctuated with smaller silver balls for accent. And of course, it’s all tied together with a lush bow of wired coppery ribbon at the top. Isn’t it amazing? The color combination is an elegant departure from the classic reds-and-greens of traditional Christmas decor.

Now, let me show you a wreath I created for my holiday show a couple of years ago:


The inspiration for this one started when I came across some irresistible pinecone-shaped ornaments in an unusual coppery color at the flower market. I also found a bolt of this brown ribbon with an unusual embossed texture ~ and off my imagination went from there. I added clusters of copper ornaments, green and gold-sprayed holly leaves and some small branches to the wreath ~ and was very happy with the result.


I came across these photos recently, and was shocked to see the similarity of the two wreaths! When I created my design, it had been several years since I’d seen the New York wreath photo, but look how much alike they are. Although the two were very different in size (I’m guessing at least 42″ in diameter compared to the 24″ diameter one I made), and each one was composed of very different elements, their round shapes and the brown, gold colors created an amazingly similar look! 


As I’ve said before, inspiration is literally everywhere! It’s entirely possible that I stored the image of this beautiful, stylized wreath somewhere in the files of my subconscious till I needed it for inspiration. I can’t think of any other explanation.


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