Shopping for Inspiration!

Shopping for Holiday Decorating Inspiration!


     Most people I know already have their trees up and their houses decorated for the holidays. As for me, I’m still thinking about it! The best way to get my creative juices flowing is to visit some of my favorite stores for some new materials that I can use to spruce up my decorations. I want to share my favorite places with you here:

First, there’s IKEA. Pictured: a few photos of some of their goodies, including a darling Christmas tree all decked out in quaint country charm.

IMG_8044 - Version 2

IMG_8044  IMG_8045

Of course, they sell all the ornaments displayed on the tree, plus a whole lot more supplies! 


Next, a stop at your local Costco or Sam’s Club for their incredible bargains on bolts of gorgeous, high-quality ribbons. They sell 50-yard rolls of wired ribbon, most of it 2.5″ wide, for around $6.99 each, and they offer a huge variety of styles and colors. This is the best deal ever! (Photos taken at my nearest Sam’s Club this past week.)


Another of my favorite places to find Christmas decorating supplies is Michaels Crafts. I have been buying my basic green garlands and wreath forms there for many years. They’re cheap, plus they’re almost always on sale during December.


In this photo, you can see a green wreath and a package of 9′ garland in front of it. I’m warning you: these greens do NOT look inviting in the bins – and you have to use a lot of imagination when you choose them. They take a tedious amount of what I call “fluffing” ~ which involves twisting out every single sprig to turn them into a beautiful-looking wreath or garland, which then becomes a blank canvas for you to create with.

Also in the photo: a bag of cinnamon-scented pine cones, some red berries and a stem of silk amaryllis that I will use as I create.

And finally, here’s a little assortment of more enticing goodies I found in various stores to inspire the decorations I will be creating this week.


The plaid charger from Michaels ($2.50 on sale) will become a base for a centerpiece ~ and Orchard Supply Hardware is where I found those oversized fat candy canes (real sugar), the adorable felt rocking horse, a bird in a woodsy nest, and some various gift wrapping paper to make fake packages to work into my displays. 

If you get a chance, go out and find a little inspiration for yourself ~ you’ll find it in every store. But don’t wait too long! Be looking for decor that appeals to you, and think of a few places you could use it to add to what you already have. It only takes a small touch of something new to give your holiday decorations a lift that you can enjoy for weeks. Happy hunting!


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