Centerpiece Inspired by a Beautiful Ornament

My inspiration for this piece came from a tree ornament

DSC_0149 - Version 3

If you’re not following my Instagram  or Facebook posts I want to be sure you see this idea. It’s a detail of a centerpiece I created when I found some unusual silver and red Christmas tree ornaments. They were so beautiful I wanted to incorporate them into a floral piece for my holiday show instead of hanging them on the tree where they would get lost among the other ornaments.

DSC_0150 - Version 2

      I selected a round silver (not real “silver” but it looked like it!) footed bowl, glued in a block of floral foam and filled it with artificial greenery. Then I glued in an assortment of ornaments, added some red silk flowers, and filled it all in with twigs and leaves that I spray-painted silver. It would be a perfect centerpiece for a traditional Christmas dinner. 

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