Valentine Party for Kids: Easy and Fun!



In my opinion, Valentine’s Day comes along just in time to fill some of those endless wintry days with splashes of pink and red hearts, bright flowers, delicious treats and lots of hugs and kisses. My girls and I decided to throw a party for some little sweethearts we know, and we had the most wonderful time, as you will see.

DSC_0976These ideas can easily be adapted for any age group, so if you don’t have any children to round up, make it a grown-ups party, because everybody needs a little extra love this month!


I planned some colorful decorations in my favorite pinks, reds and greens; a few simple activities to keep those little hands busy; and a menu of heart-shaped sandwiches, pink punch and cookies for dessert.



 We blew up balloons, strung them from pink curling ribbon and festooned them across the living room windows. They made a perfect backdrop for the party so nobody noticed how bare and gray the garden is.


I covered our big farm table with a runner cut from a yard of bright zigzag fabric (I didn’t hem it), scattered some white heart doilies down the length — and that created the background for all the assorted jars of candies, candles, pink mailboxes and flowers I added.

I found an adorable white ceramic cake plate with red ribbon at HomeGoods, and used that as a platter for the little heart-shaped sandwiches we made. Then, for good measure, I piled some Valentine accessories on the hutch and we were ready to party.


This was my favorite! SUPER-easy and fun for the kids to help with. We made two kinds of heart sandwiches. One was bologna and mozzarella slices on wheat bread and the other was strawberry jam and butter on white. The moms realized their kids had never tasted bologna (which surprised me) and the party-goers weren’t sure if they’d like it, so I told them it was “flat hot dogs,” and that did the trick.

DSC_0871 DSC_0891  DSC_0877DSC_0886

 The sandwiches turned out looking so yummy with their little cutout heart windows on top. They were as tasty as they looked, too. 



  • IMG_1071The guests decorated clear punch cups with 3-d felt stickers to personalize their drinks.DSC_0902





  • I made folded booklets out of heavy colored paper and the children wrote love notes to special people and decorated them with more stickers and drawings.

P1100643 - Version 2

  • And of course, there was a lot of cookie-decorating! I gave each child a red chef’s apron, and they all said they felt like they were on MasterChef Jr.! Besides the yummy sugar cookie hearts, we tried an idea we found online for dipping sugar wafers tips in melted white chocolate and then in assorted sprinkles. So cute and so easy for them to do!

  DSC_0964 IMG_0967   

DSC_0938DSC_0963 - Version 2

DSC_0795 DSC_0968

  • Finally, since this is my Flower Class, I designed a super-simple gift idea using flowering primroses (I bought these big healthy plants at Walmart for $1.25 each).

IMG_0975 We needed a place to work inside, so I bought some yardage of heavy clear plastic at the fabric store (@ .99/yd) and spread it over the table so we could get messy. 




I’d been eyeing some adorable Valentine-patterned take-out cartons for awhile [I’ve seen them at Michaels and HobbyLobby], wondering how I could use them, and it finally dawned on me they would make the perfect containers for our project. Best of all, each plant fit perfectly into the cartons.

DSC_0991 DSC_0987


DSC_0983As I mentioned in my Potted Flowers post, if a container isn’t waterproof, you just put it into a heavy-duty plastic bag (like a ziptop) before you place the plant inside. (Just be careful when you water the plants.)


I made sure to “groom” each plant before giving them to the junior florists, since I didn’t want sharp scissors or enthusiastic over-pruning involved.


The final detail for this very easy project is covering the dirt. We could have used moss for this step, but I thought it would be more fun (as well as add another touch of whimsy) to use crinkly paper filler [used for gift-wrapping], which the children tucked carefully around their plants.




They were all very proud of their creations and I could hear them planning who they would be giving these darling gifts to. Whoever gets them will be giving lots of hugs and smiles in return, that’s guaranteed!

 DSC_0999 IMG_0999 DSC_1004


Happy Valentine’s Day!






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