Flowers for Your Valentine


Valentine’s Day Hearts & Flowers 

Nothing says “I love you” more than a gift of beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day (plus a little chocolate, of course…) but there are no rules that say roses are the only flower to give! In fact, there are many other fabulous flowers that will convey your heartfelt message just as well.


If you’ve been following my posts, you already know that I am very fond of using luscious fresh flowers in arrangements before they’ve been separated from their roots. There are many advantages to using beautiful blooming plants: the blooms last much longer than cut stems, they take very little care, and when the time comes, they can go straight into the garden to keep on sharing their vibrant energy. 


Of all the winter-blooming flowers, I love cyclamen best! To me, there is no flower more perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Bright and sweet with a hint of elegance, this flower looks like it was especially designed by Cupid for this romantic occasion!


Widely available in winter at nurseries and markets (when few other blooming plants are), cyclamen come in several bright colors (including red, hot pink, apricot, pale pink and white). They’re very hardy – AND the flowers look like hearts on sticks! Even the leaves have heart shapes. What could be more perfect to celebrate this “hearts and flowers” holiday?


Now I want to share with you a wonderful, easy and charming way to create a little Valentine gift for someone you love. It couldn’t be simpler. The total cost is under $6.00 ~ though it looks much more expensive.


Have you noticed those cute patterned paper boxes that look like Chinese take-out cartons? You can find them at any crafts store; these are from Walmart @ .99 each. They’re so adorable I had to find a way to use them. I decided to try them out as containers for little potted flowering plants, and lucky for me, the plants fit perfectly inside ~ a match made in Flower Heaven!

IMG_1076 IMG_1072

The cyclamen are from my favorite local nursery and they usually cost around $3.99 each for 4″ pots, which is an excellent bargain considering that they’ll keep blooming for weeks, and still be healthy enough to plant in the garden.

It’s such a simple project! Once you’ve clipped off any dead or dying leaves or flowers, place your plant inside the carton. But there are two very important steps to remember before you’re finished:

  1. As with any container you’re placing a potted plant in, you must make sure to WATERPROOF it. This is so easy ~ I always place the pot inside a plastic bag (sandwich size or quart size, depending on what works best), and trim up the top edge of the zip bag so it doesn’t show. Then into the carton it goes.

2. COVER THE DIRT! Whenever you’re using a potted plant inside the house, there is one thing you absolutely never, ever want showing ~ and that’s the DIRT it’s planted in! Seeing the soil completely ruins the effect of this lovely little creation you’ve made ~ but there’s a super-simple solution. Just use bits of moss to cover any dirt that’s showing, and you’ll be amazed what a difference this step makes. (You can usually pick up bags of moss at the same place where you buy your plants.)


As you can see, these are quick and adorable individual gifts ~ but you can also group them together on a table, add a few votive candles and a sprinkle of Valentine candies ~ and you have a wonderful centerpiece you won’t believe you’ve created!


Click on this LINK to see a previous blog post where I show you that this project is easy enough for children to make! Notice that instead of moss, we used crinkly shredded paper to cover the dirt for a very fun and even more festive look. 



Coming up next: Using cyclamen to create Valentine centerpieces you’ll love!

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