For Your Valentine: Simple Cyclamen Centerpieces

If you’re celebrating at home on Valentine’s Day, here are some SIMPLE, QUICK ideas for creating a festive, colorful centerpiece for your favorite sweethearts that will last for days.

At the end of my last post, I showed you how to put one little flowering plant in a paper carton to make a darling gift. Then I suggested you could use an assortment of them to decorate a dining table ~ and here are photos to show you just how easy and how adorable that would be!

Just in case you missed that post, click on this LINK to see it.


Fill assorted paper cartons with flowering cyclamen plants. Cover your table with a cloth (this is a flat twin bed sheet from Walmart @ $5.) Then place the cartons along the length of the table you’re using. This idea works for a round table, too. Just arrange the composition in a circle.

IMG_1218       IMG_1227

Next, I added an assortment of candles in various jars and containers. (If you’re using real candles, just be sure they’re placed where they won’t burn the plants or the cartons.)

The final simple step makes all the difference! Add handfuls of Valentine candies in whatever colors you’re using ~ just scatter them randomly between the cartons and candles. This is the PERFECT finishing touch!


Isn’t it romantic? I think so!


    Next, take a look at a single cyclamen plant and how it magically transforms two very different containers. The blue and white vase is from Ross ($5) and the gold ceramic pot is from the thrift store. Choose your containers to fit your style and the occasion you’re planning for. The cost can be very minimal, which is always a good thing, especially when Valentine’s Day sends many flower prices skyrocketing.







       Now here’s another way to use those beautiful, vibrant cyclamen: This is a wooden crate from Michaels, and it fits two 4″ pots to perfection. Don’t forget what I said in the last post — every plant has to be waterproofed (plastic bags work great) before it goes into your container.

IMG_1192         IMG_1191


This next photo shows the accessories I’ve gathered to create a table setting. I’m using various sizes of Mason jars for candle holders, and the color scheme is taken from the pink and hot pink flowers.


         Filling the jars with colorful Valentine candies adds another fanciful touch to the display. I found some narrow heart-design ribbon at the 99 Cent store, and I bought the cookies at Walmart Adding a hearts-and-scrolls fabric runner (fabric from JoannFabrics) adds a new layer of pattern and color to the table and shows off all the goodies.

IMG_1172      IMG_1176 IMG_1185

Next idea: Same charming wooden box, filled this time with red cyclamen.IMG_1207    IMG_1194

 I placed the same fabric runner on the table, and used the same glass pots and vases as candle holders, adding some red touches to bring out the red in the cyclamen.


I love how the table looks when the candles are lighted. Candlelight is such a magical touch, and it takes any table display to new heights.


Final display: The same vibrant red cyclamen plants potted in a round white embossed container from my collection. I hope you will remember that you can use absolutely ANY container for your table centerpiece ~ and every one you choose will give your creation its own unique personality.

IMG_1207       IMG_0933 - Version 2 DSC_0840         IMG_0933







If you would like more details on how I assembled this final display,  CLICK HERE to see it all in a previous post.


I hope you can see how EASY these ideas are to create. Easy-to-find materials, easy to arrange ~ and I promise you, the feeling of delight and satisfaction you’ll get from trying them will be well worth the effort!

Hugs and Kisses! XOXO

2 thoughts on “For Your Valentine: Simple Cyclamen Centerpieces

  1. I love, love, LOVE these darling tablescapes for Valentine’s Day! Fast, festive, fun, fabulous! Thank you for sharing your talents! You inspire me!


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