Inspiration: A Cake Stand, a Candle and A Few Flowers

DSC_0576 - Version 2

If you have a cake stand, a pillar candle and just a few flowers and leaves, you can put together this beautiful centerpiece in about 5 minutes!

People often ask me where I get my ideas, so let me tell you how this particular one evolved:

I needed a quick Valentine centerpiece, so I grabbed a cute plate from the cupboard, placed a tall pillar candle in the center of the plate* (mine was a 3×9″candle), and then added just a few fresh red camellias, and some assorted green leaves from my yard (these were azalea and cyclamen leaves).


      It turned out so pretty and was perfect for the table! But of course, as always, one things leads to another,  one idea sparks another… and off I go. Here’s where this idea took me. I love cake stands. There’s just something about them ~ maybe it’s because I see them as little potential stages for unique flower productions.


I have several cake stands (I buy them whenever I see an unusual one), so I got a few out and started playing. On each one, as you will see, I used the very same idea:candle placed in the center and encircled with a few beautiful flowers. DSC_0592

Here, I used lovely fresh camellias because they were available. They would be out of water, so I placed them at the last minute, and they lasted for several hours. Their leaves, however, are much more sturdy and will literally last for days with no water source. That’s what I like!

I always emphasize adding just a few final touches that make a huge difference in taking your creation straight from “pretty” to “pretty fabulous.” On these, it’s the green leaves I used. They are perfect accents ~ a beautiful frame to showcase those fabulous flowers, just as Nature intended.

DSC_0495Next version: A simple white cake stand I bought at HomeGoods. Notice how the exact same idea used with different materials becomes a completely different interpretation!

For this one, I used more fresh camellias, in pinks and whites. Nothing short of dreamy!


     If you follow my blog, you have heard me say that I am completely open to combining fresh with faux flowers if necessary (and it often is). I just don’t see any reason not to! So,  when the delicate camellias died, I kept their leaves and added a circle of simply gorgeous ruffly silk peonies in shades of pink (found at Walmart of all places, @ $2 each!). Isn’t this a luscious look?

DSC_0500 DSC_0504

And notice how those vibrant fresh leaves enhance the illusion that the flowers are all fresh.

DSC_0518 - Version 2

Final version: I found this cake stand at HomeGoods, and although I didn’t buy it when I first saw it, I couldn’t get it out of my mind so hurried back to get it before it was gone.


I love the fresh grosgrain ribbon detail ~ and I’m sure you agree it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.    DSC_0557

Please remember: this is one basic IDEA you can use in many ways, for many occasions! Just look at the basics: plate or stand + candle + flowers and greens. No need to copy this exactly, just follow the idea. I hope you can see in looking at all these variations, that the unique materials you choose will give your beautiful creation its own special flair. 

You can do this ~ and you’ll just LOVE the results! XOXO

DSC_0592 DSC_0541 DSC_0557

     *For safety’s sake, If you’re worried about the candle’s stability, you may want to secure it to the plate with a few bits of “Stickum” ~ which is floral clay you can find in floral depts. of crafts stores. Or you can stop in at any florist and ask them to sell you some.

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