Surprising Centerpieces for Spring


I love to fill my life with beautiful flowers, and one of my favorite ways to bring them into my surroundings is to  use them while they’re still attached to their roots! There are so many advantages to this (as I explain in a more detailed blog postCLICK HERE to find it).

All it takes is a quick trip to a good nursery (or the plant section of your local market), and a beautiful container.

IMG_0382   IMG_0379

When you combine a nice container (ANY container will do – again refer to my blog post mentioned above by CLICKING HERE for ideas) with a few lovely fresh flowering plants, you get the most wonderful and unexpected effect  For example:


I have a big (12″ across by 4″ deep) ceramic bowl just perfect for this project ~ although I want to emphasize that ANY size or shape will do! First, if I need to, I add a layer of potting soil for the plants to rest on.

IMG_0939 DSC_0864

Then all I do is gently take the flowers out of their plastic containers and place them snugly together in the bowl. Fill in any spaces between plants with more soil, tuck in some moss where any dirt shows (an absolute must!) ~ and look at what a dramatic and beautiful arrangement you can create!


Continue with the final touches by displaying your creation on a table cover, add some candles ~ and suddenly it has even more of that “Wow!” factor you’ll be so proud of.


For much more detailed information on this delightful project, CLICK HERE to see my post on “Potted Plants” as indoor decor. In this class, I explain ~ 

> How to select healthy flowering plants that will bring sunshine into your home all the way into Spring.
> Where to find the perfect containers to show them off.
> How to plant your flowers.
> Finally, a few easy tricks to keep your flower display at its prettiest for days, sometimes even weeks.


See what you can come up with ~ and most of all, have fun Flowers are meant to bring sunshine and happiness into our lives, so invite them in!

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