Springtime Centerpieces: Simple and Stunning!

IMG_2417    IMG_2578

    Here are two beautiful works of floral art you can very easily create to fill your holiday table with the brightness of Spring and Easter  Although they look very different, the concept and the materials are almost exactly the same.

Materials you will need:

  • fresh cut flowers
  • assortment of glass jars
  • ribbons (optional)
  • candles and containers
  • accessories like excelsior, colored eggs and bunnies and chicks, if you’re using them (optional)

Decide how big you want your centerpiece to be, and then buy an assortment of fresh spring flowers at the grocery store or order them from a florist just a few days before you’re having your party.

For detailed instructions on how to keep your cut flowers at their freshest, CLICK HERE for a post that will tell you all you need to know.

Assemble a variety of glass jars. I used two sizes of Mason jars because they’re so readily available, but you could use inexpensive glass vases from a craft store, too. Even clear drinking glasses would work if you have some nice ones.

IMG_2197       IMG_2269

Place one bunch of flowers in each container, as you see here. Cluster them together in your hand and then place all the stems in the water. So easy!

IMG_2293   IMG_2287 IMG_2286    IMG_2291     IMG_2294   IMG_2292

That’s all you need to assemble your beautiful centerpiece. I love to tie bows around the jars, although that’s optional. If you use ribbons, you have a huge array to choose from, including metallics for a dressier look – also found at craft and fabric stores. 

IMG_2631   IMG_2317 IMG_2316 IMG_2315 IMG_2312

 Remember to consider table linens when you plan your “look,” as they are an important part of your design. For both of the table tops I created, I used twin sheets from Walmart (@ $5). They come in many colors, and you can’t beat the price! 

Now, all you have to do is place your vases on your table. When you’re using a grouping of several separate elements like these flower jars, it’s so easy to arrange them according to the shape and size of your table! For a round table, group them in the center (see photo), and you can use as many jars as you want.

IMG_2328   IMG_2329

For a long table, place your flower jars down the center, paying attention to varying heights and colors as you go. It’s that easy ~ and so gorgeous!


I’m a believer in adding candles to a table centerpiece whenever you can. They add a magical touch and I always say they create a “million dollar look” for next-to-nothing!

Here are some delightful egg-shaped votive candles I saw at several crafts stores [including JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart] this season ~

IMG_2330   IMG_2331

~ and see what a beautiful addition they make to your centerpiece:

IMG_2347 IMG_2411

Set your table with beautiful dishes, and get ready for all those compliments! [Dinner plates, salad plates and napkins from Pier 1.]

Final note: To add an element of fun and whimsy to your beautiful tabletop, just add some excelsior [it comes in many colors] to create an Easter basket feeling. Add some colorful artificial eggs in a couple of sizes [again, these can be found at almost any craft store and at places like World Market and Pier 1]. Or you could use real Easter eggs and Easter candy eggs!

IMG_2648 DSC_0369DSC_0382 IMG_2656

I hope you will try some of these ideas, and that as you play with flowers, your creations will bring some extra joy and satisfaction into your life. 

Important: PLEASE never, ever leave candles burning unattended ~not even for a second!




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