Flower Container Magic Trick

I’m always looking for unique ways to display my beautiful flowers and here’s a fun idea you can use to magically transform some very ordinary materials into a one-of-a-kind container. The possibilities are quite literally endless, and you’re only limited by your imagination. 

IMG_2226IMG_2215All you need for this very simple project:

  • glass jar
  • fabric piece (a napkin is perfect)
  • rubber bands
  • ribbon or raffia to finish the look
  • a few flowers and greens


Visualize your arrangement’s location, your colors and the occasion: Just for fun? A casual party or brunch? As a gift? Then decide what fabric to use. Look for a pretty cloth napkin – maybe you have some in your drawer or maybe even a piece of burlap (it comes in lots of colors now).


Jars: I used half-gallon and quart-size Mason but a mayo jar or drinking glass works great, too. Because canning jars are so popular now, you can find them at hardware stores, plant nurseries, the grocery store and crafts stores, too. It seems they’re everywhere!

Fabric cover: For my samples, I used three napkins I found at Pier1 [carrot print, brown print and plain green], and they are the perfect size for the wide-mouth half-gallon Mason jars. I had a smaller napkin in a soft pastel plaid that fit over the quart jar. And I used some burlap for my final sample. Burlap is my favorite, I think, because it can be cut to any size and fringed ~ and it’s so charming.

Estimate fabric size by measuring from jar neck down side, across bottom and back up the other side. You will need a square piece where each side is this long.

Covering your jar: Turn the jar upside down. Lay your napkin over it, placing the center point of the napkin in the center of the bottom of the jar.

IMG_2982  IMG_2974

Using 2-3 strong rubber bands, start at the top and work them down to the neck of the jar. Turn the jar over and adjust the folds and corners, which the elastic makes it easy to do.

IMG_2975  IMG_2983

Final touch: Pick a ribbon to tie around the neck of your beautiful new container. Here’s where “endless possibilities” comes into play again.

Every choice you make ~ in fabric and ribbon, and then with the flowers ~ will create a distinct container that’s your own original design.

IMG_3002   IMG_3004 IMG_3005   IMG_3003  IMG_3010

Fill your jars with some water and add pretty flowers and greens ~

IMG_3016   IMG_3014 IMG_3025   IMG_3024

and you are finished. Put your artwork in its place of honor, and take a bow!  IMG_2302

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