Bright Idea for a Whimsical Easter Centerpiece


      I found these adorable bags at World Market this week. They’re burlap with green raffia handles ~ and since you know I’m always thinking outside the box, I thought: “They would make the cutest Easter centerpiece! Here is how they turned out:

First, I put a drinking glass inside each bag to hold water.

IMG_2855 IMG_2859  IMG_2856

Then I filled the bags with a few fresh flowers. I even used a flowering plant in one of them (yellow bag). 


Here’s a grouping of the six bags I used ~ aren’t they whimsical and festive?

IMG_2868 - Version 2

You must know by now that I can’t stop without adding something more to the table, so here are the bags with some handfuls of bright excelsior (Easter basket liner) tucked around them on the table (also purchased at World Market). Of course, you don’t have to add this step ~ but if you compare the two photos with and without this touch, I hope you will agree that it makes a tremendous difference!

And here’s my table with a plate of goodies and some votive candles. The table is bright and festive just like this ~ but of course, I have to add “one more thing” to make my tablescape complete:


Look who I found at Pier 1 just the other day.  Isn’t he cute? Notice the blue bow: It didn’t seem to go with Mr. Bunny, so I replaced it with a wired green sheer ribbon that made him much more handsome. (See next photo.).IMG_2897

And here he is, the center of attention among those bright burlap Easter bags and flowers. He looks very happy to be there, don’t you think?


I think it would be so sweet to use these burlap goody bags as favors to go home with your guests once the party’s over.


This is one more example of a very simple concept you can use for ANY occasion ~ finding a suitable container for your project and then multiplying it to fit the size of your table. Then you can add just a few other touches like the excelsior, candles and candies used here to make it all come together, and you have a beautiful and professional-looking centerpiece that will make everyone smile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using candles on your table, place them well away from anything flammable, and PLEASE never, ever leave candles burning unattended, not even for a second.

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