“Here Comes Peter Cottontail”


     I’m having so much fun creating table centerpieces for Easter, and I just have to show you another one. Here’s Peter, that adorable bunny rabbit [from Pier 1], sitting right in the middle of a nest of Easter eggs and candies, and surrounded by a few garden-fresh potted flowers that he’s trying very hard not to nibble on. 

Materials I used:

  • A bunny rabbit
  • Terra cotta pots and saucers (I love the darker ones)
  • A few potted flowering plants like white alyssum and pansies
  • A few sprigs of moss to cover the dirt in the pots
  • Assorted colored eggs and candy eggs
  • Easter grass
  • Candles and candlesticks 


Here is the nest of excelsior with eggs, candy eggs and votives.


Add Peter Cottontail and your pots of flowers and that’s all there is to making this delightfully whimsical centerpiece that’s perfect for Easter fun!



IMPORTANT: PLEASE remember — do not leave lighted candles unattended, not even for a second!

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