A Silver Basket for your Easter Table


Here’s an idea for a simple but beautiful fresh centerpiece for your Easter table. A white and silver color scheme lends a feeling of elegance to an otherwise informal concept. All the white flowering plants (pansies, violas and alyssum used here) combined with touches of metallic silver create this sophisticated look.


First, paint any basket with silver spray paint (at craft and hardware stores). This step transforms a very ordinary container [this one from a thrift store] into something special! 


Line your basket with heavy plastic (check to make sure it’s water-tight) and then place your plants inside


To get a full, lush look, you’ll need to trim soil from around the plant roots so you can squeeze the plants snugly together in the container. (In my experience, they actually thrive this way.)

Here’s the silver basket all planted with flowers.

IMG_3305 - Version 2

Next step: Adding elements that say “Easter! I found these pretty metallic eggs (they’re styrofoam) at Joann Fabrics and Michaels, and they’re a perfect addition to my shiny basket.


When I’m placing faux eggs in a bed of flowers, I always push bamboo skewers into one end. This allows you to place the eggs deep into the dirt and they’ll stay put.


Next, I found a silver mesh wired ribbon and tied bows on each side of the basket ~ one more finishing touch that says “Elegant Easter basket.”


Once the basket is placed on a beautiful tablecloth and silver votives are added, the basket makes a much more formal presentation.


You’ll see that I added a little white ceramic bunny with a silver bow around his neck, but the arrangement is beautiful without it. 


No one would ever guess this stunning centerpiece started out as a painted basket and a few ordinary bedding plants. Isn’t it magical?


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