Songs of Springtime


         It was a splendid morning ~ and though I was tired from a sleepover date with some sweet grandkids, the thought of swinging by my favorite plant nursery on my way home to peruse the goodies gave me a little burst of anticipation.


The flowers never fail to infuse me with happy energy that I don’t get anywhere else. That is the uplifting power that is their gift.


When I arrived at GreenAcres, perched on a hill overlooking the valley below, my spirits rose as I stepped into that world of flowery magic, where I was immediately enveloped in loud choruses of lively, cheerful melodies. 

Congregations of deliriously happy birds filled the fresh morning air with their joyful songs, insistent on filling their heavenly assignment of sharing happiness with the world. I have rarely heard such intense singing and it overwhelmed me with gratitude.  


There are always lots of happy little honey-makers at the nursery, too, loudly humming while they work, but this day their songs could only be heard as a faint back-up chorus to the exuberant warblings of those joyous birds.


 Of course, there were flowering plants as far as the eye could gaze, all dressed in their fanciest springtime finery, and glowing with riotous color as they, too, basked in the delights of such a fine day. 

At the checkout counter, with my wagon full of treasures,


I asked the cashier if she had noticed the enthusiastic bird songs that morning. She smiled as she told me that the birds love the environment there. In fact, when they build nests in the big potted “For Sale” trees at GreenAcres, the trees are set aside and won’t be sold so the nests will stay undisturbed. Isn’t that amazing? Maybe that’s one reason those birds were singing so joyfully.


This means that very soon, dozens of tiny new baby birds will be adding their sweet chirping melodies to the splendid concert performances of Spring among the flowers.


     There are plenty of spring celebrations coming in the next few weeks, and I will be using some of these glorious art materials in designs that I hope will inspire you and add notes of joy to your life!



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