Bouquet in a Bag!


One of my Flower Class goals is to get you to see the “familiar” in a little different way so that you’ll be inspired to try new things and feel the delight of creating something unique. 

I see flower container possibilities everywhere, and here’s an example of what I mean: 

I love unusual handbags, and I have several pretty ones in my closet that I never use. I thought they might work as containers to display my flowers, so I started experimenting and here’s what I came up with ~ a handbag filled with flowers that will be the talk of your table!

What you’ll need for this quick, fun project:

  • Handbag or other unexpected “vase” (this one’s from Kohl’s)
  • Waterproof plastic or glass container to line it
  • Flowers ~ enough to fill the bag to your liking
  • Extras: I used leafy curly willow here to give height and add size to my display
  • Optional: Spring “icons” to add to your composition, like the carved wooden rabbit pictured below

IMG_2227   IMG_2185



Make sure your inner container is watertight, and secure in the handbag. (You can stuff the empty spaces with plastic bags to get a tighter fit if needed.)

I found that by gathering the stems of my daffodils into bunches with rubber bands the process of placing them was much easier, because I didn’t have to “arrange” every stem.



You could use any “bag” you like ~ a beach bag, a straw bag, even a picnic cooler. Look around ~ your closet, thrift stores, retail stores to find something that will work. And remember that the “hunt” is a big part of the fun!


Look how EASY this delightful project is. All you have to do is place some cut flowers inside a waterproof container – and that’s all there is to it! 

As I’ve said before, you can enhance whatever flower arrangement you’re creating by adding a few harmonizing accessories. Here’s a carved rabbit (HobbyLobby) that’s one more light-hearted reminder of Springtime.


Any time you can bring a smile to someone’s face (including your own!), you’ve made a difference, and this will definitely do that!


Here’s one more version of the idea ~ this time with a flowering gerbera daisy plant, wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag and placed in a cute beaded purse. An orange bandana (Walmart @ $1) sets off the flowers. Where could you use an arrangement like this?



Keep your bouquet away from direct sun and drafts. Make sure it’s cool at night, and the bouquet will last longer.

Trim the stems and change the water every 2-3 days and this will also keep your bouquet fresh much longer. (You can add more flower food if you’ve been using it.)

A few drops of household bleach in the bouquet water is also very helpful in killing harmful bacteria that will shorten the life of your arrangement. (This is especially true for some flower types like stock.)

IMG_1461 - Version 2

To be continued: My next blog post will show the very same idea using one more handbag full of flowers that creates a totally different look.

I want to emphasize that there is NO right or wrong way to do this. The delight of flower projects is that whatever materials you choose and however it turns out – it is a unique expression of YOU, and you can’t go wrong!


5 thoughts on “Bouquet in a Bag!

  1. I love both of these fun ideas! Planning on trying both. And the scarf idea from Walmart! Such a great idea, especially when working on a budget. Thank you!


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